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You guessed it, another abt post

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Chorizo and queso fresco, no bacon cuz im out and dont want to go to the store any more todayPDT_Armataz_01_27.gif Saved the seeds and flesh outta the center with plans to let it dry and magic bulletize into a nice firey powder

assembled and ready for smoke

More pics later
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I knew it wouldn't be long before you made some abts. Looking good so far.
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You've made some spicy ABT's my friend. By the looks of it, did you precook the chorizo before stuffing the jalapeno? And what was you wood of choice?
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I like the looks of those, can't wait to see how they turn out for ya.
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Makes two of us ... using queso fresco is genius!! Will be on the hunt for some the next time I hit the grocery store.
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looking great, havn't tried chorizo yet. I'm in!!!

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Yes, did precook the chorizo, Im a well done kinda guy and wanted to make sure it was done. I am using a mix of mostly cherry and 1 big hickory chunk.

Ive never had chorizo till today, but i think ill be using it more often

Its been on my to do list since joining but i havent been able to find big 'nuff peppers till now
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Ok here is the pic of the finished abt .

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I found mine at wally world. You may be able to find a lil better selection at publix though. I wish publix would move farther northicon_sad.gif Id never go to wally world.
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looks good. havent tried chizoro yet. was talking to a buddie the other day about that. lol. got some going on now. and 6 racks of venison ribs been on a while. and all sorts of stuff. q view thread coming soon. lol.

enjoy your abt.
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