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Double Butt

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Well, haven't been posting up much Q-view lately but these are looking pretty good so I thought I'd share. Had a hankering for some pulled pork so I figured I'd just throw 2 on. We like leftovers biggrin.gif . These are 2 6 lb butts rubbed down with a modified Jeffs Rub I've been working on. Using Hickory for the smoke this time. Here they are about 2 hours in.

I'll post up some updates later today. Thanks for looking. cool.gif

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Looks like a great start I'll be looking forward to more Qview
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Looks delicious already! What kind of smoker is that?
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Great looking butts, I bet they smell really tasty!! Keep us posted with more qvue!
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looks real good, can't wait to see more
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Thanks all. Things are cruising right along. Both are stalled in the 160's. I think I might try to do the whole cook with out foiling just for something different. I'll post up an update here in a bit. off to mow the yard now.icon_rolleyes.gif
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Thanks pink. It is a Brinkmann Stillwater. I'm pretty happy with it after doing the standard offset mods. 1/4 inch steel fully welded. Reallly holds the heat!

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Here is the 10 hour update. They are out of the stall and temps. are slowly creeping up. Damn these smell good. Can't wait to tear into one.

Close Up biggrin.gif

Will post up the final results later tonight or tomorrow morning. Hope everyone is having a good evening.

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Well 12 hours in and guess what..........the dreaded double stall. Finally bit the bullet and foiled em. Both are stalled in the low 180's. Haven't had to deal with the double stall yet but have read about it here on the SMF. Hopefully they will start coming around soon. I guess pulled pork makes a good midnight snack huh!! Oh well, I've got Mr. Bacardi to keep me company biggrin.gif

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great qview hope everyhing works out.
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Looking good, thanx for sharing.
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As promised here are a few pics of the final product. Finally pulled them off the cooker at 11pm. Wrapped in the cooler for about an hour and pulled a little after midnight. This made for a long day (15.5 hrs) but it was well worth it. The meat rally turned out good this time.

Thanks for looking.

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