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Poll Results: Is enybody else gonna try to build a triple?

Poll expired: Sep 8, 2008  
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Ok here is a cook from today. These ribs were fall off the bone awsome!!! I cooked 6 racks of spare ribs and OMG they were good! The smoke ring was all the way to the bone...

I know smoknrookie has be askin for some inside pix so here they are with the gill grate lifted out.

Drip pans look nasty but do the trick! Apple cider is the best!
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Ok I have another ideaicon_idea.gif I am gonna put a 4 rack motor drivin rotisserie in the left side of my smoker. It will be removable so I will be able to throw the regular grates back in. More pics to come... Any ideas on this are welcome!
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Sounds like a great idea JOK3R.
Very tasty looking ribs!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks and sounds great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Big pics though wink.gif but they look good biggrin.gif
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Thanks Jeanie (cowgirl) and Phil (1894)! I worked on it today and it should be done real soon! I will post some pics when it is done.biggrin.gif
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I know what ya mean

I can relate I made my smoker out of 1 45 gallon drum, but unless I'm having friends over I still tend to use my little canadian tire smoker for little smokes for just the wife and I, other wise you use too much wood to get it up to temp and it just looks too empty with just a couple of racks of backs in it, you just wanna fillerup to make it fun :-)
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Hey DonO, what did you use for your burn barrel? Looks like a pony keg or somthin. Also is yours all stainless steel and whats a canadian tire smoker?

Yeah, I feel stupid crankin this big old thing up for just 3 racks of ribs! I usually end up smokin more than we can eat then I take it to work and let the vultures there pick the bones. Doesn't last long... I gotta stop though cause meat ain't cheap, but I love to smoke!
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Any of you guys/gals have any ideas on how I can keep the cooking chamber doors/lids open? I usually prop them open with a stick or whatever but I end up hitting it and then the lid comes crashin down on my hands. Plus when you prop them open it gets in the way... I usually good at thinkin up ideas for things like this but I am drawing a blank for some reason?confused.gif
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if you can't put it on a chain or cable (so it can flop back past balance) then maybe a central "hood style holder" on the front that you can work one side or the other, just weld a "T" of angle on the hood bar so it won't slide across the bottom of the door, it'll stay right on the end at the corner. drill a hole for pivot or weld on a piece a tube

ummm, maybe a gas shock for the glass portion of a 1992-1994 ford Explorer rear hatch window?

I'd think about the chain first, but I'm not sure what height your triple threat is. good luck with it.
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Well I am kinda sad today cause I was really startin to like this smoker but some guy offered me $600.00 for it and it's gone to a new home now.icon_rolleyes.gif

Now I have to build something new and different so I am happy!biggrin.gif

I don't know if I want to mess with drums this time? I might just go with some large LP tank or steel pipe type build this time but I don't know... I like the drums becasue they are cheap, lite and easy to weld and cut!

I found a guy on Craigslist who has an endless supply of 55 gallon barrels/drums of all kinds and mostly all food grade so I may just build another monster barrel smoker of some kind but not like the triple I just made. I have some wild ideas just eating at my brain!
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soi hade posted on here right when the server to this site crashed. i had asked a few questions and got great answers but it was lost. so i am building a double berrel smoker. i had asked about the smoke stakes. from what every one said it seems the best configuration was with two of them. one on each side. it seemed it should come in at the cooking rack with like 3/4 below the rack. now i cant remember if u all said i should make them 4 inch or 3 inch diamiter. does it mater how tall they are? the stove pipes going into the smoking chamber are two six inch pipes. i have a question about them. i have the dampinig callers. i was thinken would it be better for the dampening collor to be on top of fire berrel or botom of cooking berrel? thanks every one!
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just finished my mini version of yours yesterday.. First cook this Sunday can't wait
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I have to admit the grill looks awesome. I do have some question thought since I am going to be building a 55 gallon drum smoker myself. How far is the door sidings from the edge of the barrel? I almost have the blueprints for mine completed, however I am not sure how far away from the edge to make the doors. Any specification help will greatly be appreciated.

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That is quite the unit, I am looking at building something similar to this to use as an outdoor smoker at our soon to open restaurant. I really like the design you came up with.

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