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55 Gallon Drum - Triple Giant - Page 2

Poll Results: Is enybody else gonna try to build a triple?

Poll expired: Sep 8, 2008  
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Pinkmeat may be rite but there is another angle here...make your money back doing a few events.I don't think this can be said enufff...NICE JOB!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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My compliments, that is one nice smoker.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hmm a bit of problem, but if that's your possible goal...

How 'bout a way to get the center to open like the doors? Have it held with a bolt up front, and perhaps weld a couple support bars just below the cuts to be sure of the integrity of the two barrel connection. Then for a oinker, loosen up the bolt, flip that and the lids open and roll 'er in :{)

Just in case yer bored anyway - PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Thanks MotorHedd! Thats a thought, might have to explore the idea...

Thanks for the compliment cman95!

Thanks Richtee! That's a great idea, I think I can do that with no problem. I am gonna be tweakin this thing for a while so if you can see any other things I could do to it please let me know. All I can do now is make it better, well I guess I could F it up but I don't think so.biggrin.gif
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Nice lookin rig and neet concept. If your lookin for advice, I just have one concern. If you are gonna burn logs with this rig, you may want a thicker bottom barrel, to stand up to the constant temp change, and to hold the heat better. I don't know if they make different gauge barrels, perhaps a rolled liner of sorts or a square insert! Other than that I think it looks pretty sweet. Nice job.
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Love your smoker JOK3R....sweet!!!cool.gif
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Hell to the ya that is a kick *** smoker you got there brother !
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Thanks Capt Dan! That crossed my mind when I was building it. I have bricks in the bottom and that really helps prevent gettin a burn hole. I thought about getting another barrel, cutting the side out of it and putting it inside the top part of the burn barrel to protect it from the heat and flames. Cut 2 holes to match up with the flues and bolt it up in there. These drums make great cheap smokers but there is no way they will ever be an LP Tank! I am really surprized at how well this thing holds the heat and the temps stay real steady. They really do have a large fire box in proportion to most smokers. They really kick out some heat and blue smoke since the fire is directly below the cooking chamber. I throw a log or 2 in every hour/ hour & a half or so and it stays right in the 230 to 250 range. The square insert is a great idea! I might do that, seems simple and It could be removed easy for quick clean out... Plus I could probably do away with the bricks to make it a little less heavy.
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Thanks meat-man!!! Really appreciate the great comment! Be carefull on the 4-wheelers man! 1 split second can change yer life forever...
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Hey there Jeanie/cowgirl, Any compliment coming from you is greatly respected! I went to your Cowgirl's Country Life blog! To say that is impressive would be a "Huge understatement"! Did you build all of that stuff yourself? WOW!!! If that ain't enough the Food/Masterpieces/Works of Culinary Art are 2nd to none that I have ever seen! You are clearly the Goddess of Smoke and Fire! I really love that little smoke house that you built, I was gonna try to build one of those and now I really want make one myself! Your property is like a piece of heaven... Geez, I could go on an on! Are you for real?
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burnout ?

how long do you think the bottom barrel will last? and what are the transfer tubes made of "the two cans in the middle" over all i give a ten. and your right dont give cowgirl any ideas lol sh'll be biulding one out of a silo or sumptin....wink.gif
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Wow JOK3R...thank you for the kind words! Yes, I'm for real...and like to keep busy. lol

lakeman, great idea!! I have an old grain bin...Hmmmmmm....maybe my winter project. lol
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Thanks all day long lakeman!!! I think bottom barrel will last for years but who knows? I have only cooked on it about 10 times and I don't really know how long it will last, seems pretty strong but any reinforcement can't hurt! These drum smokers really kick some @$$ for what they are! I personally would go with the UDS/BDS design for over all performance and ease of build... The middle pipes goin up to the cook chamber are A/C duct you can get at HomeDepot/Lowes or where ever. That suff will last forever. As for Cowgirl and the Silo thing.. hmmm, silo thats a GREAT idea! She can probably make it work!
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Here are some early pics before she was finished. I guess I am kinda posting these pics backwards but I just found these and thought I might as well post them. You can see the lite rust inside, I got rid of that with a sanding sponge and then I sprayed the inside with vegtable oil. I seasoned it after that for about 6 hours with some Hickory. I welded the 2 barrels together and I used alot of stainless pop-rivets on this thing. I just didn't feel like welding on this thin stuff and burn holes in it or whatever. I probably would have welded if it would have just been a couple spots but I had to go around both lids and I didn't want to distort anything with heat.

I removed all of the original paint with these paint stripping wheels I found at ACE Hardware, took it right off in about an hour. I put 5 coats of paint on this smoker. The first 3 coats were flat black grill paint from Lowes which I didn't like so much. I found some semigloss black grill paint at Tracktor Supply which looks real good not to shiney and not to flat and seems to ward off rust real good. I think the paint is very important on these barrel smokers because they rust if you just look at them with a tear in your eye!

Notice that the ridges in the top barrels sit right in the middle of the flues. I had to bang those out with a hammer from the inside of the cooking chamber so it wouldn't leak around the flues. That was a pain that I didn't see until after I mounted the top barrels.
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just be sure not to toss a couple big briskets on one end and leave the other side empty... You'll have a semi-vertical LOL!
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Flintstone style! LOL - I'll be sure to look out for that...
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You did a great job on that JOK3R.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Barrel stove kit, reminds me of my days in Alaska. Good lookin smoker by the way.
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very nice work. i like that design
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Thanks SALBAJE!! I really like your "R2 we Q"! That is definitely unique! Did you post any pics of your homebuilt vertical 150 gallon? I would like to see that...
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