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Thick Sausage

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OK I want to smoke some sausage that is about 2-3 inches around and than slice them think and diagonally much in the same way Arthur Bryant's does at their restaurant. I went to a specialty sausage store today and asked for the thickest they make and they looked at me like I was stupid. I probably am but I am sure it exists because obviously I have eaten it. It probably isn't naturally cased but whatever I can peel that off after cooking. Anyway can anybody tell me what exactly I am looking for so I can go back or find a place that sells the stuff. Thanks!
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Get on SausageMaker or Butcher Packer and check out their casings, you should be able to find a casing about the size you're looking for. Also, don't hesitate to ask for them to send you catalogs; they're great for lookin through to see what's available.
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natural hog casings well filled make a pretty thick sausage.
if you want REALLY thick sausage use beef casings.
is this the sort of thing you mean ?
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