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Did I ruin my brisket?

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Ok, so i rubbed my pork shoulder and brisket packer and was in a very big hurry. i have a smaller smoker and didn't think about the brisket size till i went to put it in. well, it doesn't fit. in too big of a hurry to trim properly and separate the point especially since it already has mustard and rub on it.

sooooo, i cut it straight in half!!!! and threw it on 2 different racks.

bad idea?
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Oh heck, chill.
I'd bet you're fine.
You've got two chunks of meat instead of one.
Smoke quicker that way too.
Brisket is a very special thing to be LOVED! :)
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It'll be fine
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Look at it this way, you didn't lose a big one, you gained two more ends with delicious bark on them! (Now, if you don't want that extra bark I'm sure there's a lot of people here willing to scarf it right up for ya!) Post some Qviews of the results!
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Ahh, i guess I'm just worried cause it's my first one and i love brisket.

I can do ribs and butts with my eyes closed. but brisket is new to me.
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I'll be going thru there in the morning (sun) about 2:00 if you arent sure of the end results, ill be glad to meet you around the six points exit and be a non official judge! cool.gif It should be just fine tho
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Man, I am never smoking in a hurry again.

it is colder and very windy tonight so i had to turn my gasser up a little but it still settled in at 230 for the first hour. so i didnt get a chance to check till 3 hours in when i was gonna spritz. low and behold its not windy or as cold and my smoker is blazin 325!! i am all kinds of tierd after my chores and put the brisket and butt in the oven at 200 and am going to bed. after the 3 hours with high temps the big brisket is at 140, the little brisket at 154, and the butt is at 140. all high.

oh well, qview in the morning.
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PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif Friend It sounds to me like you improvised. Remember: Life is not how you survive the storm; But how you danced in the Rain.
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ET-73... love-it!
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