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Qview of a Sparerib SCORE!

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Keeping this simple. 40 lb case of ribs, $35. 9 racks per case.

If I had the freezer room, I'd have bought a dozen cases!!!
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I did get two cases though!!
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Do you want us to bring salads? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gifbiggrin.gif
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Wow nice find. Where can you find a case for sale?
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Guess what they are eating at the Florida Gathering. Nice score Ken.
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Hmmm...sooo they are sorta brined already? Great find!
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REAL Nice find Seboke!!!
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I say...Fire up the Lang, throw on the whole case and we'll be there by 6:00.
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wow great hit on the meat PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Are the ribs vacuumed packed in threes? If so are you going to turn them into singles?
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Nice score. I am surrounded by swine and beef and can't find prices like that.
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It was my base commissary having a tent case-lot sale. There were 9 individually vac-sealed racks. Man, wish I had some freezer space!!
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Just buy them all! Drive over to Bush Gardens with the Lang, pay for the best parking spot they have if ya know what I mean. Start cooking ribs--keep cooking--soon they will all be gone.

Then you will have cash for your wifes anniversary gift!!! Sorry man, we just celebrated our 15th!!! LOL
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Ya, "sorta" brined.....Ham on a stick. icon_rolleyes.gif
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Its gettin harder to find the "unenhanced pork" these days. Just gotta adjust how ya season it a bit. Good score.

Ham on a stick... has a nice ring to it dontcha think?
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