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BBQin' Solo!

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Forgot I had pics of this. Did some ABT s on Labor Day, with a small batch of Dutch's beans and thawed out a 2 lb pak of pulled pork for the family and a couple of close friends. Topped off with Jeff's BBQ sauce.
Bobbi brought some tater salad from the grocery (not the bestPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif), Jeff brought PWB s, and dinner was ready. Apologies for no Qview of the food, but this pic should offer a touch proof that it really did happen. Aidan has had BBQ before, but this was his first time solo with his own spoon. He loves Dutch's beans, and I made them full heat!

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That's awsome, ya know when the kids like it, its gotta be good!
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Hey, that guy's got some talent goin' there! I can just see him flippin' a brisket and moppin' it down! Great OTJ training!
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Looks like hes having a fine time great pic!!
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Unbelievable Seboke!! He's as cute as a speckled pup!!! biggrin.gif Forgot you do know a picture says a 1000 words!!!
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