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Marinating a Brisket For Tomorrow - Q-view!

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Getting my first brisket ready for tomorrow night icon_smile.gif.

Decided to mix up some marinade and soak it overnight. Here's the marinade recipe I put together.

1 1/2C - apple juice
1C - cider vinegar
1C - red wine vinegar
1C - evoo
1/4 C - worcestershire sauce
1/4 C - brown mustard
1/2 C - brown sugar
1/4 C - minced dry onion
3 tbsp - minced garlic
3 tbsp - thyme
2 tbsp - rosemary
2 tbsp - ginger
2 tbsp - black pepper

I'll toss on some rub and start it around midnight tomorrow with some hickory and pecan.

A few early pics to get things started icon_smile.gif.

Here's the brisket, just under 12lbs. Picked it up at Walmart, they seem to be the only place around here to get a whole one.

I wasn't sure how to pick a good one. I read somewhere that the easier the brisket bends in the center, the more tender it will be. Not sure if this is the case or not, but grabbed the most wiggly and flexible one anyways..lol. Some were very stiff and hardly any give. With my luck it will turn out those were the best to get PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif. This was also the smallest one in the case.

Made up a large foodsaver bag to marinate it in. The brisket fit nice into the larger width roll.

More tomorrow icon_smile.gif.
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Lookin good so far Dave! Looks like ya picked a good one. :)

The marinade sounds tasty too!
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Looks like a great start have a good smoke and I'll be looking forward to more Qview
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Tomorrow is here icon_smile.gif. So time to get this baby going.

Starting it at midnight. Using the smoke generator with hickory pellets mixed with hickory and pecan wood chips. Smoker temp at 230.

Here are a few more pics.

Out of the marinade and ready to rub.

Rubbed with a mix of 3/4C paprika, 1/2C chili powder, 2Tbsp italian seasonings, 2tsp garlic salt and 1/4C brown sugar.

In the MES (fat side down) and time for bed icon_smile.gif. Planning to foil in the morning at 160, then take it to 205. Had an extra thermo, so put one in the point and flat.

More in the morning PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Nice Dave, looking forward to more pics.
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them excel briskets and meats are from here in illinois. they have a thick fat layer on them but if cooked slow and moist there pretty good. ive cooked 7-8 this year already. and have a few frozen. ive done a few last year too.

there about 1/2 the price of the reg meat they sell here. a 7-8 lb brisket is about $28-and up. and a 12 lb excel is about $19.
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Thanks guys icon_smile.gif.

Here it is at 6am (6hrs later) this morning. The bark could have benefited from a spritz or two, but the trade off was some sleep PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif. The internal temp was 160 in the point and 164 in the flat.

Moved the brisket into the foil catch pan, poured 2 cups of apple juice over the top and covered with foil. Will braise three hours.

Continued later icon_smile.gif.
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It's been in the foil about 3hrs or so, put back on the grate and sprayed with a mix of apple juice and brown sugar. I'll keep mopping each hour. Internal temp is 185 in the flat and 188 in the point. Will go to 205, foil again and into the cooler for a few hours.

Looking forward to a nice afternoon of Patriots and brisket biggrin.gif.

More to come icon_smile.gif.
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Looks awesome!!! As much as I dislike the Patriots, I'm okay with them opening the season by pounding on the Chiefs.
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How can you dislike the Pats!!! biggrin.gif.

Well...something must have gone awry with my thermos when in the foil. When the brisket went back on the rack, the temps dropped about 14 degrees eek.gif. Now sitting at 174. Hey..gives me a chance to work on the bark now biggrin.gif. I'll stick it with another probe at the next mopping to make sure they are still accurate. They might have got under the foil, saw too much moisture.
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Checked out my therms and they are reading ok. Guessing I had the ends under the foil and they were shorting out with the steam and giving a false reading.

Gave me a chance to used my bark builder mix icon_smile.gif, 10oz apple juice with 1/3 C of brown sugar dissolved in it. They are at 183 (real this time PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif). Going to foil again to finish off until 200-205. Made sure the therms ends were outside the pan.

Couple more pics.

Good bark going.

Back in the pan with the drippings. The drippings are really tasty biggrin.gif.

Foiled the top

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Uh-oh Dave, you guys gonna make it thru with Brady out?

Brisket is looking great.
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That could be a yes!
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Brisket looks good. To bad for your boys. Sorry it doesn't hurt my feelings. GO COWBOYS!
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Cassel is doing great, hoping Brady isn't hurt too bad. Both teams starting QBs were knocked out of the game.

Hey Scott....I heard Jessica has a front row seat to bring Romo some luck biggrin.gif.
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Pats WIN!!!

and my brisket is done icon_smile.gif.

Going to go get it and pop in some potatoes.
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A pic before wrapping in the foil to rest, can't wait to try this icon_smile.gif. Internal temp at 200.

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I love the idea of spritzing or mopping, but i am always afraid it will knock off the rub, etc.

Tell me I am incorrect and mopping is the way to go.
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Spraying is the way to go icon_smile.gif. I find a sugary spray helps build up a pretty good bark. I use apple juice mixed with brown sugar. If you use a spray bottle set to a fine mist it won't knock off the rub. I also don't spray until the rub has setup some. I wait 1 1/2 - 2 hrs before spraying, then each hour after. Another thing I use to help the rub set, a good spray of PAM when you start the meat. Won't knock the rub off and helps the rub crust up quickly. Give it a try PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif.
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Looks awesome Dave and I'm sure it tasted even better PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

To bad about Brady doesn't sound good
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