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Pac is back!

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Just got back from a few weeks hiking and camping around the great and beautiful state of Alaska, home of the prettiest VP candidate ever nominated (whether you like her or not, she's pretty hot!). I didn't get one of those nice $1200 checks she passed out to each of the AK citizenry to keep them loyal, but I did have a great time. Unfortunately, about the only smoking going on while I was up there for me was from the campfire!

Browsing around the forum, it looks like there continue to be many successful smokes. For my first smoke after my trip, I am going to try to do a 9 lb. pork should this sunday on the ECB. It will be a real challenge and I may need to finish it in the oven, but I'll get her done, hopefully with some good q-view.

Great to see all the folks posting their q-view and enjoying their great food. It's good to be back!
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Welcome back, sounds like you had a great time and seanry. Pac is back in town.
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Got any photos from that great state. Hope to make it there someday.
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Anyone who can hike around Alaska should be able to do a shoulder without using the oven.
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Welcome back as Flash said post some pics always nice to see that beautiful state. Have a great smoke and don't forget some Qview of that as well.
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Welcome back. I bet it was an awesome trip!
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Welcome back Steve. Good luck on your smoke tomorrow. Gonna be great weather for it. You're gonna have to get up pretty early to cook that 9 pounder. icon_smile.gif

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