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I just got access to a lot of wild cherry wood. I have never used cherry, is it a good smoking wood? Is it better for one meat or another?

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Excellent smokin wood, just besure ta season it fer yall use it.

Nice on most anythin, a lighter smoke then hickory though. Would be fine fer ribs an poultry as first choice. Nab all ya can get!
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Cherry is about all I use. It is quite forgiving if you go to heavy on the smoke too. It is also known for producing a nice smoke ring.icon_smile.gif
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Good Score!Once you use cherry it will become yer wood of choice!
Happy Smokes!
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I now use cherry and apple for all my spares, great flavor that is not overbearing.
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Most of the wood I have is Apple, and it's great. If all I could use was Cherry I would still be a happy smoker. It is a nice light sweet smoke.
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Take it and split up all you can and store it well away from your home.. Cherry is also my main wood choice, the other being apple. But I use cherry on everything I smoke and grill. Besides the great smoke ring and flavor it gives the meat, it also smells about the best. The one downside I have with it is that cherry seems to attract more flies while it is drying out than any other wood. Another great benefit is that it splits so easy. After I cut my split wood into pieces 4 to 6 inches long I even sometimes allow my grandson to split it a little more with a camp hatchet. Cherry will quickly become your favorite on its own, but getting it free will only speed your decision in that direction along.
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Excellent score!! I have access to a pretty good supply of wild cherry, too and LOVE the stuff!!

Nothing better than sitting around the smoker with a cold one and catchin' a whiff of that sweet cherry smoke.

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