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Smoked pork roast

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First, get your ears of corn, and soak them in water.
Also, start soaking your wood chips in water too.

Then onto the meat:
Step one: Let your pork rest a little so it isnt fresh out the fridge. Pat it dry.
Next, Assemble the dry rub. A mix of brown sugar, garlic powder, chili powder, and rosemary

and heres the rub mixed, I dont measure

then press/rub it on the pork roast!

I left the netting on that holds it together. I considered taking it off.... but decided against it.

Get your bbq going on a low temp, all the coals off to one side.
Make foil packets of some of the woods chips.
Throw a packet on the coals.
Put the meat on the opposite side of the coals, and cover and cook on low for like 2 hours
I put a boat of water in there too to keep things moist

I turned mine occasionally, and added coals and wood chip packets occasionally.
At the 2 hour mark, I put the corn on the cobb on the grill, in the husk. by soaking it earler, it will steam inside the husk giving EXCELLENT flavor. I burn the crap out of the outside and the corn inside is just fine. Careful shucking though, extremely hot and steamy.
I added the rest of the bbq sauce I had (sweet baby rays), less than I wanted cause IM OUT mad.gif And cooked it 45 more minutes.

Take the pork out, let it rest 5 min on the cutting board, and shuck your corn. I tossed my husks on the coals to burn them and dispose of them.
Slice the meat, and serve with the corn, and the pasta salad your girlfriend made.

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Looks great. What temp did you take the roast to?
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I didnt use a thermometer PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif
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Any advice would be appreciated. This was done using my webber kettle grill, not necessarily a smoker.
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Looks like you did a great job xrocket!
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I don't think you need any advice, it looks excellent. The only thing I could think of is stock up your pantry with Sweet Baby Ray's (love that stuff)
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Hahaha, Sweet baby rays is awesome! I was disappointed I was out!

Thanks for the compliments for a n00b
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well here's some friendly advice.

Rub it up the night before, and measure your ingredients, just incase you like the rub and want to make it again.

If your putting wood chunks in a foil pouch, no need to soak, waste of time, and uses BTU's to get it to smoke!

Loose the netting, and retie yourself. It saves from bark being pulled off and flicked everywhere but your plate!
Use a thrmometer to see when the pork is done correctly, keeps ya from getting sick, or having dry meat, AND helps ya to replicate this meal again if ya like it.

Foil the roast, not the corn!wink.gif
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In the future, I will rub the night before and pack in foil.

This was very last minute. I got out of work and was gonna buy steaks, and saw the pork roast on sale for $1.50 a pound!!! I couldnt pass it up. I got home at 4, and lit the grill as fast as I could and didnt get it on till 4:45.

Wast done till 7:30!!! It was dark by then, and pulling the netting off definitely killed the bark! (bark is a new term for me!)

I was on the fence on the net, I should have taken it off.

I dont really like the chips in foil, the foil burns up some, and I dont like burning metal in with my food! What are other options for the chips?

I tried the foil packets away from the fire a bit, but they wont smoke, I have to throw them IN the fire. Just not sure how to do the chips.

I didnt foil the roast or corn! I just cook the corn in the husk!!!

When Would I foil the roast?

thanks again, I appreciate the help.
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your welcome, After you rub it, wrap in saran wrap, or other celophane.

The chips can be put in an old coffee can, or even a smoke box. They sell these at hardware stores and are usually cast iron or heavy steel, with a slide off, or pull off lid. I know what ya mean about the foil melting.

I seen something in foil on the grate so I figured it was the corn.

Not sure what kind of raost ya had, but if it was a boneless pork roast, and ya wanted to slice it. I would take off the net, spead out the roast, rubit all inside and out. Tie it back into a roll with cooking twine.Wrap with saran wrap, and keep in the fridge till an hr before the smoking is to begin. Get it out and let it warm up while your smoker comes to temp. Iwouls smoke it to 160 internal temp (meat therm), then wrap it in foil and rest in an oven(off) or a small cooler for 30-45 minutes before the slicing.

If it was a boneless butt, I would do all of the above except after I foiled it, I would put it back in the smoker( or 250 degree oven) till it reached 200 degrees internal, and then rest in that cooler for 1-2 hrs, before you pull it!

Hope this helps. I am sure your next smoked pork will be "to die for"!wink.gif
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I think I will use a coffee can

The foil on the grill was a little foil boat full of water to keep everything moist. I was worried it wouldnt be moist, but it was super moist.

It was definitely done, but just barely. Juices were running clear.

Not sure what kind of roast it was, just something I grabbed. I really wish I had taken the netting off now and got the rub all up in it!

Awesome ideas for next time.

I have never tried a pulled pork.
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If you never tried pulled pork, this is what yer missin.

Now don't ya feel bad to deprive yourself and family of that stuff.

There is a sticky in the "[pork forum", about pulled pork. It will get ya through it pretty good. After ya do a few, then you can start to "tweek" the rubs and recipes to get what your taste buds want the most!

When folks here are talkin bout smokin butts, this is what they are lookin for!

A clean bone that almost falls right out, and a pile of porky goodness!

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Sorry to not be clear, I have EATEN pulled pork, but I have never MADE pulled pork.

Rainy weekend.... Maybe I should try some.....

Dont have much of a meat market around here though..... hmmmmmm

i need to find a small pork butt and more wood chips....

My webber kettle glrill isnt much of a smoker thouhg :(
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