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Finally tookthe plunge

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Hi, My name is John -- and I want to be a smoker......

Have been lurking here and there and trying to pseudo smoke on a Weber Genesis. Finally broke down and got a MES. I know it is still Lazy-Q,but it is a start!

Seasoned it today and will do some chickens this weekend to figure out the wood/smoke rates. Then I have a small rib roast to do on Sunday -- watch for the Qview!
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Welcome to SMF , John , congrats on the MES , you will love it and continue to use it often , even if you get another smoker later ! The MES is very versitile and can be used for most anything ... watch the amount of chips you use ! don't use a whole cup full as the instructions say ... go with a small bit in the palm of your hand ... approx 9 - 10 , quarter size chips every 1/2 hr / 45 min or so will do the trick ... good luck on your new habit !
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welcome to the site John. Glad to have ya aboard.
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Welcome from Northern Indiana. Enjoy the SMF. Don't forget the QVIEW!
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welcome aboard....cant wait to see that mes purring out smoke ;)
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Welcome John.
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Welcome to SMF. There are times when I wish I had the MES (along with the ECB and Smoke Vault). Sometimes it would be nice just to set it and forget it.
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Welcome to SMF John! As was mentioned, you may just end up with other smokers too! Heh... I'm considering a small watt-burner for fish/cheese and other lo-temp/accurate control applications.

Enjoy yer time here!
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welcome to the forum - good to see some more of us lazy electric smokers around ;-)
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Welcome Jisgren

I see you are here in the Big City of Houston. I am likewise.

Gas Grill is my game so any secrets you want to share will be welcome.

All the best.

Dr. Krol biggrin.gif
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welcome aboard, lot of great people with awesome help.

all smokers(people) are welcome, and all smokers (contraptions) are used; the common denominator: All make great food!!!
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Welcome to the forum John. Looking forward to seein your smokes
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