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Hello Smokers!

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Hey Everyone,

I'm pleased and grateful to become a part of community of smokers. I live in McHenry, Illinois and looking forward to learning as much as I can. I have a Wrangler Chargriller and am planning to buy a side fire box. Looking for apple wood chunks online I ran into this forum. I always wanted to try smoking ribs, but had so many questions about how to go about it. I knew that most cook books out there would only give me half the info I needed to start smoking meat, so this is a blessing to find this forum. I always find the best way to learn something is not through some book, but through other peoples experiences. So with that thanks everyone for all the great advice.


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welcome to smf. Spend some time looking through past threads. There is a ton of good info accumulated here.
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Welcome aboard SMF , Arjona , your gonna find all the info you will ever need right here , do a search on the 3-2-1- ribs for a guide line to doing great ribs , also Jeff has a free online course you can take which most find very helpful ... sign up and give it a try ! glad you decided to join us , see ya in the forums !!
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Welcome from Northern Indiana ................. Enjoy the SMF!
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welcome're gonna love this place ;)
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Welcome Arjona.
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Welcome to SMF. There's a lot of great information on this site. Just kick back and start reading and asking questions. You'll be a pro in no time.
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Welcome Arjona

Just a quick Howdy from Houston. I am a Newbie here also and found this Forum by accident. I think it was pretty fortunate find.

I belive I will really enjoy the available knowlede that seems to be lurking here and hope you do likewise.

All the best.

Dr. Krol
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Oh buddy, are you in for it now!!!!

YOu will be a smoking nut and because you are here with us it will be the best que your family and friends will evertatse.

off to the left of the main forum page is all of the "let's get started" basics.

Jeff's 5 day ecourse will change you life
and the rib article will knock your socks off.

lot's of experience, just ask and you will get more answers than you can shake a rib at.
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Welcome aboard arjona
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Hey arjona,

Like some one already said, the 3-2-1 method is the way to go for ribs. You can adjust the numbers for your personal taste and to the thickness of your ribs, I personally like babybacks. I have been doing 3-1.5-.5 and it has been working good for me on my smoker. The numbers arent as important as the process. Smoke, foil, baste. Try it and you will never go back. Oh, and by the way....... this stuff is totally addictive so be prepared.
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welcome aboard, pull up a chair, crack a brew and enjoy
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Greetings from So Cal!
By all means stay away from the fattie thread....wink.gif
Happy smokes!
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