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Gotta have sports fans!

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I wonder if they come in "Beer Boobies" too??
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I am wearing the keg version.
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Actually, Richtee, they DO come in the ladies version.
They're more specific to size, if you know what I mean.

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I already can't see to take a leak, now I won't be able to reach either!biggrin.gif
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Couldn't you have at least given us a "Spew Alert" warning? Now I gotta clean my monitor off!!

BTW-That's one visual image that I could have done without!!! biggrin.gif
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well, at least, the pics at the gathering, ya know we didn't own one of these........lololol

this is a nice idea...........till the jealous sports fan at a COLLEGE game, where alcohol is NOT allowed, snitches ya off...............the jerks..........
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I was at the ECU/VT game in charlotte last weekend. It was hot, and water was $4, and I drank too much beer before the game. So, I could have definitely used one of those. Nice.
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they make a wine rack for the ladies...
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That is awesome! I could have used this at the Yankees game last weekend for the beers were $10 a cup!!!!!eek.gif
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I'm going to wear the ladies "rack" version at work. Do you think anyone will notice my bust size decreasing as the day wears on??? biggrin.gif
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post pix - we'll let ya know if it's noticable. LOLbiggrin.gif
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Nice Richtee. They got the wine rack right.
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Oh yeah, guys like me will notice :)

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