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Canning Smoked Brisket?

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I have smoked then canned a lot of Salmon, Sturgeon & even some Elk a while back, but I have to wonder if Smoked Canned Brisket may not be the best tasting thing on earth? Anyone ever try it? Any tips?
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I have not tried it but I'd bet it would be great
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I have not tried it either. I can meats, both raw packed and cooked as in stews. Could be worth a try.
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I have done salmon and fresh venison. I bet your idea would be outstanding.
Maybe add alittle onion to each jar.
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mom used to can smoke sausages when grampa started only getting 1 pig a year.

she would just shove 4 or 5 in a jar with a touch of water, and cold pack them for 4 hours.

I assume the same for meat. but the smoke does get a staleish sort of flavor. kinda like old smokehouse.

but it made the best breakfast, I want to here how the canned brisket turns out. talk about tender, I am sure the packing process will break down connective tissue even more than the que.

good luck
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fish -

click below for step-by-step.

this is written for big game, but no reason why it wouldn't work for brisket.
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I used to can veggies but not meat,sorry not much helpicon_sad.gif
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I have done Elk "chunks" similar to the process in the link. Thanks for refreshing my memory on this stuff. I was thinking the smoking process just to get the smoke flavor on the brisket chunks, the canning process will definately cook it & I would think it would turn out rather tender. I will put it on my to try list when I get some serious time.
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fish - were you ever able to give this one a try?
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Not yet, kinda forgot about it again, until I saw this post. It sounds really good! (At least to me).
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Everything I've read says to use a pressure-canner for meats and high protein food to keep them safe from the baddies. Are you using one, or did you find another method?
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