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Wood chunks are raising my temps?

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I've been using wood chunks in my Brinkmann instead of chips. I've got the temp perfect at 215 or so and what's been happening is the chunks are igniting and causing a temp spike of 60/70 degrees or higher.

Am I doing something wrong?

Any advice is appreciated.
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Wrap chuncks in foil and punch in a few holes for the smoke to escape.
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you mentioned chips, but are you using anything else as fuel? Mighr be the way you stack/layer the fuel.
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Might work,but make sure your holes are small and few. If you are using a charcoal set up, it will still get hot enough to ignite them at times.
You could soak them, but that will only delay it for awhile.
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Sorry, I should have mentioned I am using charcoal briquettes as fuel. I throw 1 or 2 wood chunks on top of the charcoal for smoking, but they've been igniting and raising temps.
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Could try usin a smokebox for a grill.... seem em at Sears - for their gas grills
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If you can, try surrounding the chunks with charcoal, with the chunks upright if possible. if you just put them on top of the hot coals, they probably will ignite. This has been my experience while loading a coffee can for use in my GOSM big block. Good luck my friend.
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Sandman, are you using the minion method with that charcoal? If so, layer your wood chunks and charcoal. Place a couple of small pieces of wood in the bottom of the basket; cover with briquettes, add another couple more chunks of wood, cover with more briquettes and add a couple more wood chunks. Leave enough room at the top of the basket to add maybe half a starter chimney of lit briquettes.Your basket should be full at this point.
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it only raises it for a minute - I just dump the heat by opening the lid - I am going to try to maybe use a smokebox in my sfb to keep the chunks up out of the fire. Not sure yet tho, it hasn't been much of a problem - more heat is better than not enough heat PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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...or what he said


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i have that same problem when i use them. ill have a nice bed of coals and thow some wood on and wala, big fire. i started using a spray bottle with water to help control too big of flame ups. sometimes it does not last long, but after a few times you learn to control it fairly well. it has seemed to work for me anyway. i dont ususally open the door, i will use my flow holes.

i had to do this a lot on my chargrill smoker.

the only down fall is sometimes it stirs up some ash and it can flow into your smoking chamber. that does not bother me but it may some.

if i have neglected to watch it for longer then i should and its really spiking i have used a lot of water and it evaporates fairly quickly when the temp is up there.

i dont know, its my method and it works for me.
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I've always thought the flare up from the wood chunks/chips was normal. What is everyone else doing to avoid this? I find it hard to believe that most people are using foil or a smokebox.
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I soak my chucks overnight, my chips for 30 minutes. I wrap the chips in foil, the chunks i do not wrap at all. I sit both on the side of my fire away from the direct draw of fresh air(Air+Fuel+Heat=Fire, basic fire triangle). I do get occasional flare ups but the temp spikes are short lived and controlable.
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Excellent advise, I've used that same method with chips, just layer them as Dutch said.
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