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Found this site this morning and decided to throw my name in the hat and join on up.

I am the primary house cook and have been for my entire thirty five years of marriage. The wife is a good cook in her on right but it is something I do as a wind down in the evenings. Most days I am at the gas fired Weber with my glass of wine and that works well . I will be reading your recommendations and new recipes since the Dr. recommends chicken, fish, and lean pork for the diet. ( Getting old really isn't cool ...I'm a beef and potato person ...well I was. )

In any case, thanks for allowing me to jump in here and I'll enjoy checking out all the different forums.

Thanks and all the best.

Dr. Krol biggrin.gif
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welcome to the site
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Welcome to SMF. You'll find a lot of info and recipes here.
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welcome to smf!!!! well i tell ya chicken, fish, lean pork all work well on smoker. if anything you can have a fattier piece of meat and even beef say a brisket, and the low n slow will render much of that fat out so u end up with a lower fat meal. share some smokes with qview!!!
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Welcome Dr. Krol.. a real Dr. are ya? Just curious... if so of what? And believe me, limiting smoking to the aforementioned complex proteins limits your flavors to only about half a billion in the smoking/curing/sausage world!
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Welcome to the forum Dr. Krol. Glad to have you aboard.
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I am starting to wonder about Doctors and being the primary cooks. I have two friends that are Doctors and they to do most of the cooking. Just what type of wives do you guys go for. biggrin.gif J/K of course. Welcome aboard.
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Welcome to SMF, Dr.
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I hope you are a psycho-analyst...a few of us have some "smoking" issues here. Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to SMF :)
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you found us. It will make your cooking experience unique.
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Glad to have you with us at the SMF. Some of us do have health concerns, and have found ways to smoke around them for a fun hobby.
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Dr. Krol Thanks for the welcome ! !

Hi Folks,
Ol' Dr. Krol is back for a couple quick comments so I won't mis-lead anybody.

Wanted to thank everybody for the warm welcome and I am really looking forward to hangin around for a while. There are several comments about the " Dr. " tag. Well, I'm a Dr. of " B. S. " more so than anything else so hope it was not to mis-leading.

As I said before I am a gas grill guy since I spend more time in traffic here in Houston than anything else. Commuting is lengthy here and cuts into cooking big time except for the weekends. So, gas grill fit my style and time allowance "OK ".

From what I've seen on the other forums you guys are pretty serious about your smokin`and there are some very nice setups out there I'm betting. Also sounds like anything out there is fair game to put a little smoke to... so I look forward to reading the details.

I need to get back to work , just wanted to say thanks for the welcome. I'm doing 1 " thick pork chops bone in tonight ...using a dry rub and a combo of hickory/ misquite chips for flavor and a couple baked sweet potatoes as a side. So, good smokin` and grillin` and I'll be on the side readin` your recepies...

All the best.

Dr. Krol biggrin.gif
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Nice to have ya here Doc- Lot of us here have a "Masters" in BSology, so you'll fit right in here!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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welcome most of us here have a bs* of somen or anothericon_smile.gif
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Welcome DR.
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welcome doc, glad to have you aboard
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We have a Dr in the house!
Greetings Dr. Krol, we will see you at the rodeo in March 09!
Happy smokes!
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