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Chili Pepper ?

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I was looking over a Salsa Recipe on here the other day and it called for Chili pepper. Well I looked at walmart and only thing I could find was Chili powder??

Is there another name that chili pepper goes by ???

Or do I need to look elsewhere ???
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Like T-H said... did it ask for a chili pepper? Or a tablespoon of? Gound chilis are available, but salsa usually depends on fresh chilis for heat.
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Chili powder

Well the recipe called for TBLS of Chili pepper but the original posted PMed and said that they just used Chili powder...
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TH has got it covered.
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yeah, asking for a chili pepper, is pretty generic. To me a chili pepper could be a serrano, tobasco, cayenne, kung pao, anahiem, etc.
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Well here's a link to the recipe and I wondered if it wasn't just red pepper or something but on the chili powder it says chili pepper..
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Bunky..there are at least dozens of "chili peppers". I just don't know why a salsa would use ground dried is all. Ah well... I'm no salsa expert fer sher.
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Reading that recipe, I would take that to mean Cayenne as it has a little kick and is the genetic default IMO as far as recipees go.

You can use others in terms of kicking it up or down in terms of heat. Cayenne is probably a good place to start to get a baseline. You can always add more powder or a different powder such as Thai to get more heat. But, you can't take the heat out so just play with it.
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even serrano's would work.........
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I do have a resident expert here.missus hedd is a born and bred texan by way of el paso so a lil rubbed of here.Try here for a good explanation
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