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Question for offset sfb w/ charcoal basket mod

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I have a horizontal offset smoker w/ sfb. I have not made any mods to it. I can get it to hold steady temps using a modified minion where I have an area of lit coals in one corner and a trail of charcoal around the perimeter of the firebox. With a few strategically placed wood chunks it puts out pretty consistent thin smoke. But 30-40 min. later I am stirring coals or raking them to the corner and building a new trail. I really don't mind tending the fire that often but I would like to be able to leave it alone for an hour or two at a time. I have seen a lot of sfb users have the charcoal basket-how long of a burn do you get? Do you have trouble with temps getting too hot with all that fuel? I want to make the change if it will help but not if I am just gonna trade one set of problems for another. Thanks for any feedback.
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1 1/2 hrs max with a basket in mine. control the heat with air intake!
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As is right now I have to empty ash out of the sfb chamber about every 4 hours so it won't choke my fire. I assume you go longer with the basket because the fire sits higher up off the lower grate??
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yes, I don't(didn't) need to empty ash through any smoke, even 12 hr smokes. Basket was 12 x 12x 5 inches deep. Use lump charcoal, its the only way your gonna get a good heat sorce for 8-12 hrs without scooping out all the ash.wink.gif
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So after the 1 1/2 hours are you just adding fresh coals to the top of your fire that is now in the bottom of your basket or do you empty it and start over?
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Here is my last smoke (12 lb turkey) - i got 6 hours or so on one lit chimney! Every 2 hours I shook the hot coals to the right of the basket (near the vent) and added a chimney of unlit coals to the left side of the basket. Average temp was 230.

Time Temp Int. Temp Comments
11:30a 80 55 add coals
12:00p 239 65 add turkey
12:30p 229 75 good
1:00p 227 90 good
1:30p 215 90 add charcoal
2:00p 218 100 good
2:30p 228 100 good
3:00p 247 120 good
3:30p 218 130 add charcoal
4:00p 245 140 good
4:30p 238 145 good
5:00p 224 145 add charcoal
5:30p 205 160 good
6:00p 256 160 good
6:30p 242 170 remove turkey
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That is some good info Bishop. I would definately like to be able to leave the smoker alone for a couple hours at a time. (my wife would appreciate it as well) Do you have a custom basket or one of those "grill wok" type baskets?
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Like Bishop, I shook it down and shook the coals to one side, then added coals(unlit) to the opposite side, yet touching a few of the lit ones, they just worked their way across to the other side lighting as they went. Looks like he got 1 1/2 to 2 hrs on his basket loads/chimney loads. Thats pretty much max I think, unless you are using a ceramic egg or UDS
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here is what mine looks like, I made it myself, no welding needed!

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Good pic. I think it is something I will have to look into doing. If a simple mod like that can buy me some extra time-it is worth it.
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not expensive at all, here is what the smoke chamber side looks like!

that is with the cooking grates removed of course!
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I've done all the mods on my SFB, except the basket and I'm making it this weekend. The biggest problem without the basket is the ash problem...4-5 hrs max before the air is just cut off.Hope this helps.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Yeah I have to pull ash out of the sfb side door every 3-4 hours. I also need to do a baffle cause I have a hot spot in the cooking chamber right where the opening to the sfb is. Sometimes I like it though-I can really crisp up the bacon on my abtsicon_smile.gif
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just remove the handle and hang it in the sfb
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Easy enough and not a bad price.
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there is some good info here on this thread too (i took it to pg.4 where some of the talk re: the basket starts.) HAVE FUN!!!

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Dan, What are you using for the baffle? I have been drilling 1/16 sheet, but I would love to use the precut metal like yours on one I'm making for my dad. Where did you find it?
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They are seat backs for an outdoor furniture company that is local. I got them out of the scrap barrel, cut off the rolled lip on each end, rolled them flat and trimmed to fit.
I also have a set of 1/8th inch thick plates that I drilled with 3/8 and 1/2 inch holes 2 inches apart from each other square. The plate with the 3/8 holes goes near the firebox, the one with the 1/2 inch holes has a 3/4 inch gap between it and the first plate. They actually work better than the chair backs, but I didn't have a pic of them.wink.gif
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how far are you from the rr museum?
My smoker has stayed real consistant and uses less charcoal or wood since I sealed the smoke box door all the way around. I made a bottom brate that sits just above the ash tray and the basked slides in and out easily for quick filling and ash removal from a gentle shake. My ash tray gets emptied after the 8th hour, I havent had a big issue with ash build up and lack of air flow. If anything ive had to shut down 60% to keep the temps down.
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Howdy Dave.
The one in old Sac? Prolly about a 15-20 minute drive up Elverta/Elkhorn to 99 and down 5 - not too far... biggrin.gif
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