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Hello everyone! I'm new to the art of smoking and while doing some research, I happened upon this forum. Generally, I'm pretty active on forums so I figured I'd hop in chat and say hello.

I just purchased my first smoker which is a Weber Smokey Mountain. I've heard really good things about it and I got a pretty good deal. It seems like it will fit my needs very well. I am a long time griller (weekend warrior) but I got tired of paying good ol Randall down the street for my BBQ!

I heard some of you in chat saying you were from PA. I plan on taking a ride up to Blairsville tomorrow and picking up some wood. Have any of you purchased wood from Chuck's Smokehouse before? I noticed they have a website and I'm hoping I will be able to just drive there and pick some up (as opposed to shipping it).

Anyhow, I have some really good home made recipes for dry rub and sauce I will probably share with you guys at some point as well as ask numerous questions I'm sure you've heard before. Good night and good eats!
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Welcome to the forum Capduboh!
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Howdy and welcome aboard brother
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Welcome Cap.
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Welcome to the SMF! We look forward to your input and experience.
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welcome to de club..enjoy your self,
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