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BBQ-U Raichlens Clod Roast

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I recently saw an episode of BBQ-U with Steven Raichlen where he did an 18# Clod Roast over a Weber Ranch. He mentioned the cost of the roast being $1.00 a pound. It looked really good. Has anyone had experience with this big Roast & what tips, if any, do you have.
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Fishawn , it's a shoulder roast ... great flavor ... if you do one leave some fat on it and go low n slow to an internal of not more than 155* , IMHO , if you can find them at that price is a steal !

I like to slice very thin after smokin and make steak sammies with em .... yummy stuff !!
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I have heard of them, and saw the same advice.....but, I've not been able to find one to try, yet. That is one big hunk of meat, and I'd like to give it a shot at least once. Let's see - 18/20 lb. clod should be about 18-20 hours or so, or about 1 case of beer. Sounds like a weekend to me!
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I have done a couple of them, and they are a wonderful chunk of beef for the low and slow. Here is the link to my post if ya got a few minutes!
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Hey Captain:-)

Have you ever done the whole clod in one piece like Steven Raichlen does on his show.

Any pros and cons to either method? My thought is your method saves fuel and adds more bark:-)
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Nope, I have cut them in half. I don't slice them anymore. I guess I am a sucker for pulled meat sammy's. I think the next time , I do one, I will try it whole, just to see how much longer it takes. I doubt it would bemuch more than an hr or two.
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I am going to try to find one, or order one in the future, I will have
to do it in two halves in the MES. Raichlen says it rivals the best
Texas Brisket. Looked Really good on BBQ-U.....Thanks for all the
input on this.
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good luck bud keep us posted
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Fishawn-you normally won't find the clods in the meat case. Next time you go to the store, talk to the butcher. Most places need a couple of days lead time to order the meat in if they don't have any in stock, and at least a day to bone and roll the shoulder if they do.
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I have seen big sacks of beef at Costco labeled shoulder clod and wondered what I would do with them. Will check this out.
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