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Bone Daddy's in Midland Michigan!

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Congrats go out to Bone Daddy's! Is Michgan now on the BBQ map?

I've never been to this place but is now on my bucket list!

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We've been on the map!! wink.gif You know were lookin at havin 6 BBQ comps next year?!?
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yep bonedaddys did a real good job from what i heard and the proud father billybones is letting it be known how proud he is
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Bone Daddys is frequent stop on our travels to make my monthly donations to Soaring Eagle. If I cant win at least I get one good meal before I go broke. I really enjoy the sample platter its enough for me and my wife to split and my sides dunt feel nun to sore. When we leave I always have to walk past the smoker out back. Then there is a thundering NOOOOOOOOO when my catches me thinkin. I can see Billy Bones chest pumped right up with pride. GLBBA sponsored a info seminar at Bone Daddys and I really enjoyed our time there. Better stop here or I'll bundering away. Congrats To Bone Daddys
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I met Billy..he's a cool guy and I'm happy for him..and Michigan!
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