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New to smoking and loving it.

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Hello everyone, my name is Darrin, I am originally from Ireland but have been enjoying life in the US for the last 16 years. I am married and have two little kiddies aged 5 and 6, one boy one girl.
I recently purchased the Pro BBQ charcoal smoker from Sears, the price was right to get me started.
My first attempt was with a leg of lamb and was somewhat of a disaster, I oversmoked it. The texture was perfect but tasted like a forest fire accident. After finding your forum though things have gotten much better, thanks guys.
I have since tried some salmon, some ribs and have had a successful turkey smoke, it took a little over 7 hours of keeping fhe fire stoked to maintain around 230 degrees. This was not a problem however as I had my old friend Captain Morgan beside me with a bucket of ice and a few mixers, this may have contributed to my feeling of being quite done myself on completion.
I am thinking of switching to a better quality propane or possibly an electric smoker, the problem being that there are so many to choose from. Great Outdoors Smokey Mountain, Smoke Hollow, Camp Chef Smoke Vault, Lowes Perfect Flame, Kenmore Propane and Electric, Masterbuilt, Cajun Injector, etc. etc. How would anyone know which one to buy?

Regards to all,
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Welcome to the addiction. I'm no help to you on electrics...I like my fire!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Welcome. I like my masterbuilt. I don't usually have time to dedicate to playing with fire, although I would love to. I set the temp and can busy myself with the "honey do" list. When I'm done I can throw the parts that need cleaning into the dishwasher.
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I think there is a lot of duplication amongst manufacturers and there are many very similar smokers sold under different trade names. I would look for the design features that fit your needs the best, then try to research what is best in a particular style smoker setup, and go shopping from there.

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Playing With Fire

Thanks for the input.
I think for now I will stick with the little charcoal smoker from Sears untill I have read a few more reviews. If I do make a change I am leaning towards the Smoke Vault, The Smokey Mountain or an electric Masterbuilt.
I have read that a few people are having trouble finding the 24" Smokey Mountain, I was in Bass Pro yesterday in Fort Lauderdale and it is in stock.
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welcome !!!!
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Donny welcome to SMF glad you joined us. First thing you need to figure out it what type of smoker you want and they all seem to have pros and cons. Use what you have and after awhile one of the other types will jump out at you.
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Welcome Darrin,
Not sure if it helps...
I have an offset charcoal with mods that I love, as well as a GOSM Big block propane smoker. I have been very happy with both.
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Howdy and welcome aboard bud, I have a eletric smoker and I love mine
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Welcome to the forum Darrin!
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