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orion cooker?

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Anybody know anything about the Orion cooker.It suppose to cut the cooking times in a third.It seems to me that you would not have enough time for good smoke.Their sites says it will,anybody tried it? That fast of cooking time would not leave you too much time to relax and consume a beverage.
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The only thing I know about them is I've seen one at HD. It looks like an interesting concept but speed of cooking is not always what I'm looking for.
I do hope that someone has some info about these as more knowledge is a good thing.
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I`m with ya.

I`ve read a little on the cooker but would like to hear from someone that has one.I have a propane smoke box and I`m getting a a wood or charcoal smoker this week,been smoking almost every weekend.Been smoking a lot of wings with different sauces and marinades.Thats what everyone wants,Ribs are good too.But the wings are getting wiped out first.Again thanks for all that answer my threads.If I can help with anything let me know.Nudib
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Saw this on WOOT! a few days ago

I don't have any experience with these but I read a few entries in the message section over at WOOT! and a few people there had somethings to say. Check it out here:

OR check out:

Hope one of these helps...

There may be some useful info for ya there. Welcome to the forum!

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That answered a lot of ?`s. Thanks again. Feels like home here.nudib
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I noticed this prduct on HD's shelves last summer and was intrigued with what the advertising on the box had to claim. I love new and different cooking devices and am still surprised I did not purchase it then. This thread has renewed my interest and would like to hear from a SMF member that owns one, what there deal is in these smoking, charcoaled fueled convection ovens. I may just end up ordering and having to try one..... WHO OUT THERE HAS ONE ? !!!
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Welcome Nudib.
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