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First brisket all night smoke

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Ok so Labor day ... what to do ... i know brisket

Picked up an almost 9lber. Rubbed it up with Jeffs rub, slightly modified. Using Kingsford Charwood and smoking with apple and cherry.
Went on the smoker at 12.30am. Looking to eat at 3:00pm. Here are the pics so far.

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good pick tee-I rubbed BB 's this am for a tomarrow smoke. good luck on the brisket.
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I have to work tommorrow no smokin for me....
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TH .... i've done briskets before with varying success. They were all just flats and all were before i found this site. Never done a packer but felt the time was right. Also i'm spritzing with a mixture of Boulevard wheat beer, worcesteshire and cider vinegar.

Here it is after 3 hours.

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Looking good, Tee.. that should be some great tastin' bark!
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Good looking brisket you got there tee
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good looking brisket brothericon_exclaim.gif
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Looks like you're on the way to a nice day of smoke and meat, Tee! Keep up the good job, hope to see more pics!!
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ooo..I like the sound of that. I'll bet ya the Weissbier will give a nice balance of malt and tart to the bark! Good choice Tee!
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lookin good did the all niter go?
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quick cook !

Thanks rich ..... was a last minute idea and was about what we had available in the house at 11:00pm last night.

Strange thing is .... it is foiled and sitting at 195f now. Smoker was running a fairly steady 235 most of the night. It started off running around 200, experimenting with new techniques and a different baffle. Made some changes two hours in and temps pcked up and stabilized around 235.

Think it hit 165 after 6 hours. I checked it in about 4 different places just to make sure i wasn't in a fat vein. Nope....... it just cooked quick.

Think i'm going to pull it off the smoker when it hits 205 then into the cooler for a couple of hours. Will get some pics later
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So here is the finished brisket ....

Sliced the flat

Pulled the point

Tastes great, wa seasy to pull. Thanks to all on here who i have read their posts and taken advice from.
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ditto richtee, I can't wait to here how this comes out! Great job tee!
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The combination of rub, smoke and spritz is really good. Has a deep rich flavour but not overpowering
Just to add .... i'm off to the couch to watch some college ball then the cubs game. And maybe snooze for a while before dinner.

OOh yeah, i saved the juices to add into the crockpot for reheating later.

Once again thanks to everyone here who makes it easier to get good results.
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Alllright! I was out a while ago and got a six of Hacker Pshorr..will attempt to keep one for my next mop :{)
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Looks great nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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he meant some college ball, then some minor league baseball ;)
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That is sure looking good, I can't do briskets as often as I want to. just can't get them with any fat on them.

but you sure make it look tempting.

happy labor day
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Great looking brisket. It has a NICE looking smoke ring. Your combination of rub and spritz should make for a deeeelicious bark. Thanks for the Qview. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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