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Labor Day Labor of Love

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Here is my 15.5# packer that i stuck in the GOSM about 7 pm.. i injected it with New York Pepper and Onion marinade and rubbed it down with a bourbon based rub i picked up in Potter County. the smoke is hickory to start and will finish with apple...the spritz is boones farm apple wine.

gonna be a long night should set up the lights and finish my shingle job.

sorry about the crappy pics, when i resize them they get way too degraded.
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thats a big side of dino..enjoy the evening smoke..
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Thats a big hunka meat looks good keep the Qview coming
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Where do you find a pan big enough for a 15# brisket??
Even with pictures... Im skeptical... But thats just me...
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as you can see it's as big as the rack of my gosm..i got it at the dollar store
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Sam's Club has full and 1/2 size steam table pans. I picked up both sizes and they're not expensive at all.
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i love the smell of beef in the morning

sorry i haven't been keeping up on updates but i'm in the middle of a roofing here's my labor day contribution..i put it in a 7pm last night and it was at 200 at 8am so i put it in the cooler..don't know if it plateued or not as i fell asleep. and i never did foil it, this thing has an outrageous bark and taste to it. well gotta get back to the roof here is some eye candy for ya
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look's good .....pass me a plate
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guess i'll have to start posting the labels too
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Say Linescum, glad to know you'll still smokin' around the hood. Keep it up my friend.
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Looks great linescum! I love a good
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you would almost think i seared it
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Great lookin brisketPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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