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Just joined

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Hey all, I'm a new smoker and am excited to find this great site and informative forums. Y'all be seeing a lot of me! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Got a new CharBroil smoker last weekend, cured it for 8 hours earlier this week in anticipation of using it to smoke my first batch of pork ribs yesterday.

I used bark-less hickory mixed with a little cherry and they cooked for about 8.5 hours at ~220 deg. They were rubbed with salt and black pepper only and a good sweet/spicy sauce was served on the side. They were awesome!

I realized I needed some help regulating temperature, I felt I was chasing it all day long; When I say 220 Deg, I really meant it averaged 220 LOL.

I gather from some quick reads that the preferred damper settings are exhaust 3/4-to-full open and to dial down the intake as low as necessary to reach temperature. Seems I had trouble maintaining good coals that low; but I had the exhaust set at a 1/4 or less. If I open that up, will it be easier to stabilize the temp?

Glad to find such a enthusiastic group of smokers...(being so close to Boulder and all...)
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. You'll find lots of good info here. I think most here with that smoker burn lump for heat and add small amounts of wood for flavor. You want the exhaust fully open or very close so you don't get stale smoke or creosote built up inside thus into the meat your smoking. Then control heat via the air intakes on the firebox.
I also suggest signing up for Jeff's 5 Day Ecourse its free and full of great info. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome aboard! Piney is giving some good advice there.
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Welcome to SMF. Lots of good information here. We also need Qview of your smokesicon_exclaim.gif
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Welcome SmokeEm!
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Howdy and welcome aboard
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Welcome Smokin.
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Looks like a good weekend to join. There will be a ton of great pics going up today. Welcome to smf
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Lotta good stuff on your smoker for mods and temp control just gotta hunt em down!This place a goldmine of info !welcome and good smokes!
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