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My first big Qview day..

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Hopefully ive paid attention..

BBQ Galore Bar-B-Chef, with fireplace rope sealing mod (with heavy brick secret mod), SS tuning plates, exhaust stack extended down to the grill surface.

9lb Shoulder (All day)
3 rack of pork ribs brining all night, to go on at noon.
~25 sausages to go on about 2hrs from complete.
Smoking with Apple Wood.

Qview >>HERE<< (click it)

This is updated every photo I take, Ive created a separate photo set just for this, and im also saving SMF bandwidth and storage space...I point the iphone and photos get to the set with zero effort, check out Air Me if youre interested

Note..that im not smoking on the deck..its all resealed, house painted, etc. Im not allowed to make a mess of it yet. I will GLADLY take suggestions for a good pad to lay down thats large enough to generously cover a lot of deck around it to capture coals. in a corner of the driveway where all of the other crap on the deck is stored for antoher week.

Anyhow..the times are all geotagged in the photos, but Flickr is tagging my iphone as being not where I live, which is Boulder Creek, CA, not Riverside Grove, which is dont get the idea that if you map these, im driving 12mi from kitchen to smoker. :)

Ribs will be 3-2-1 method with a sweet spicy dry rub that you'll see later in the Qview.

I'll be fillin in the rest of the day with working on the motorcycle, cleaning up out front, hanging a screen door...the honeydew list.
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Looks GREAT...I think you have been doing this for YEARS!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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A -year- maybe, but..only a few months since I discovered this group, and recalibrated myself.
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Three hours in..up to 113

Working to keep temps between 210-225, every smoke is a learning experience...

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Dang boy, you be making some of the ole timers look like
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12pm, added ribs (Flickr updated) butt at 143.

A spritz of dark run, apple cider, and cooking sherry is prepared.
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7Hrs, at 160..

Not that any of these updates is worth anything, but someone somewhere, will search wondering "what temps will I be at over XX hours?".

Maybe its a small guide. I expect to plateau soon, but still be done around 5-6pm.
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Entering 8th hour, up to 165.

Plateau reached..let it sit thru it, we'll be done on time.
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looks great icon_exclaim.gif Great q-view nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Did she get done on time for you?
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Oh yes, indeed. :)
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Well done, everything looks great!
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ALL turned out fantastic, and with the help of this forum, better than it could have, no matter what.

Todays lunch:

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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Way ta go - Looks Great!!!
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