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new guy here. names andy. I am far from a "pitmaster" but i do enjoy learning the art of smoking meat. I currently use a weber kettle that i sort of refurbished. new handle, grate, thermometer. does okay. I am also building an offset smoker with some 16" pipe. with any luck i will be able to "out-smoke" my twin brother . he uses a chargriller with the side fire box. its pretty nice but i'd rather build than buy. looking forward to trying some new recipes from the site too. any advice offered is greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to smf! There is some great info in the 5 day ecourse, you may want to check it out. Good luck on whoopin your bro with the home built! Make sure that you post pics of it and your Q.
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Welcome aboard. It's all here at SMF.

Good luck on your smokes!!
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will definately check out the ecourse. thanks
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You will be out-smoking your brother in no time, unless he becomes a member as well. Just don't tell him about this site until after you have kicked his butt on the smoker a couple times. icon_smile.gif
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welcome to the family, it's a big one too. everyone her to help.

there are deffinately a lot of secret weapons in the bro bbq battle!

the e-course changed my whole view on smoking!, and check out the fatties! ohhhh the fatties!

glad your here!
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Welcome to SMF, lots of good folk here to help you out. you will be smoking like a pro in no time. Take Jeff's 5 day course it is well worth it
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Welcome aboard Andy. Do your homework in here, read thru the forums on whatever subject you're lookin to smoke, and you'll be a pitmaster soonerthan you think!
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thanks for the replies.
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Andy, welcome to the best smokin' site on the net, SMF that is. Sibling rivalry keeps some folks pluggin' away!
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Welcome Andy.
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Welcome aboard Andy
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