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Well, I got 2 slabs from my new found butcher friend. I can't even say how much they were, cause you never know who may be reading this, suffice to say they were the best deal I have ever gotten. I will bring him a slab for lunch tomorrow.

The setting from my patio.

The equipment, my MES and thermos.

My friend, actually there were 2 a minute ago.

Clouds rollong in, hope it doesn't storm on me.

What a conglomeration. Toshidas teriyaki, garlic pow, Mrs. Butterworths, Plum Jelly, and grape juice for spritzing.

In the smoker with my ECBB el cheapo baked beans.

Using hickory at 225' for a 2-2-1 and the one will be tomorrow, when I seal in the sauce.

Thanks for watching.
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Wow, looks great man. I need to try some BB's again!
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them bb's look nice and meaty, more than usual.
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Say Ron, I'll trade ya some spares for some BB's.
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nice looking ribs bud
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looks good ron-I doing a slab mon.
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good looking BBacks what is the mixture of spices mrs butterworth? and other spices, plumb jelly sounds great much of each? good on ya
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bet those r gonna be some great ribs Ron. Awesome back drop!
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looking good. be looking tomorrow for some results. thanks for the pic help.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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The scenery is some great motivation to be in the back yard! Throw a smoker and a kegerator out there it would be hard to get me in the house!! Ribs look great Ron!
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Yes they were hand picked and one was boned in house.

Ahhh, no.icon_smile.gif


Good luck Bob.


Hell, I just throw things together. I just poured some Butterworths on the backside along with a tablespoon or two of jelly and rubbed in. Then sprinkled lemon pepper and garlic to coat. Turned them over and used the runoff for the tops and did the same with the lemon pepper and garlic.

Thanks, it is a nice setting.


You are welcome on the help, my pleasure.

Thanks, it is a great view.

I'll have some pics later when I finish the last stage.

Thanks for watching.

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Here after a couple hours smoking and a couple of spritzs with Grape juice.

Spritzed and ready for foil.

Adding some grape juice and foiling.

Sprinkled 4 cheese blend and covered for the night.

Uncovered today. Half pan went to the butcher.

Along with this slab. Searing for just a couple minutes sealing in the sauce.

More to come, plated with sides as soon as I get it done.

Thanks for watching.
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Seared with some KC Masterpiece and brown sugar. That is the actual platter we used in the restaurant for our full slabs.

Carols, dinner, she had beans for lunch, so she wanted the instant vidalia potato salad and corn on the cob.

Thanks for watching.

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Premonition told me that those were gonna turn out great. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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And they did, thank you.

Thanks for watching.
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The End

Carol, never had the same dinner twice in a row until I got the smoker. She did tonight. My instant Vadila Potato salad, and instant Vadaliala cole slaw.


Thanks for watching.
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