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Best Thermometer

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Whats the best replacement Thermo I can get for My Chargriller?

Also where can I get this? Online?
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I got a Weber gas grill replacement part from True Value hardware store. About $13 if I remember, works great.
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Thanks for the link Ken, I just put 2 on order for the CGSP.
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Exactly which model thermometer did you guys get? And does this just go where the old therm went (i have a chargriller pro)? I see there are different numbers next to the therms like 100/475, can someone please tell me what that means?

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Thank you very much.
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hey noob check this out
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Sorry ken didn't see your post.Great site tho huh?
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After seeing your recommendations about BBQ BONANZA, I ordered 2 of the 100 to 475 probes. From order to delivery less than a week and I am pleased with the product. 5 out of 5 stars, Thanks a million guys.
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