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Spareribs and Shoulder Weekend

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So this weekend is here and another round with the smoker. This weekend we are smoking a huge slab of spareribs and a boneless shoulder and oh ya....a fat half of brisket I had left over. Doing the normal 3-2-1 for the ribs (adjusting as needed), not really sure what to do with the shoulder and well the brisket will smoke as normal. I had to switch to charcoal this weekend because we ran out of whole wood last weekend and I did not have time to go out and pickup another truck load. We picked up some Kingsford Hickory and Mesquite charcoal and did a mix.

I am down with the ribs and know what I should do to finish them up but this is the first time I have done a shoulder. Anyone have any suggestions on the shoulder? What temperature should I let that sucker go till and should I wrap in foil then finish?

I will post the pre-Q qviews as soon as I can make it back in the house.

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Any suggestions on the shoulder? I went ahead and wrapped in 3 hours in.
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Shoulder is pretty much like a butt. 175 to 180 for sliced, 195 to 205 internal for pulled.
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