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Hy-Vee Spare Ribs $25.99 for 25lb box

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Went to Hy-Vee and bought the box of spares. Got them home and they weren't too bad. 12-13? full racks. Most were pretty meaty. A couple were a little on the thin and fatty side. Got them cut in half so they would fit in the freezer and sealed. Left a couple bags for Sun. I think we're set for a few weeks with the butt sale last week and now the rib sale.

In the box


Sealed up
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Nice score, Mark.....wonder if they are doing those at ALL the Hy-Vee stores...?

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Can't find the add right now. It looked like the add that goes to all the stores. We usually get the big add and then a local one. this was in the big one.
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yeah.....i haven't seen that sale around here.........but momma will be checking on it tomorrow
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Smoke Em Now!

I'm going to look for this in Omaha. You haven't tried any yet? Smoke up a quick rack or two and let us know how they are! The last time I bought cheap ribs by the box they were the Danish Spares. And I got what I paid for. They pretty much blew. Hope these'r good! Thanks for the word.

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Dave, guess you'll just have to wait till tomorrow to find out. I asked the meat guy there. He said they are the same ones they sell in small packages. They looked good. We'll see.
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Sweet score, I picked up only a single rack in my local store yesterday for 12 bucks and they were only 4/5 lbs for one! Enjoy and if you have extra send em my way...hehe
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Now THAT'S perdy nice!
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I just called both Ames stores, they are not covering that sale down hearicon_evil.gif .
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