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Where would I get such a thing got any links?
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here you go

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well put it in the oven at 250 for a while then raised to 350 the cheap smart bbq gauge not reading in the oven eaither. It is going to hit a brick wall sometime soon and ordering a maveric et-70. Anyway put dial temp gauge in meat 190 wraped back in foil then towals and in cooler for 1 hour. Just got done pulling it bone clean when pulled out. little smoke ring and didn't taste to bad (sample for the cook) might have to practice some more with a good temp gauge.
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don't get rid of it, you need summin to close off the hole...........and its the ET 73 you REALLY need
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The mavericks are nice, but get some back ups at Wal-mart with the accurites, around $15 or so.
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Ford, that ECB is a good beginning unit. I would bet most of the older guys here started with one. (Whether they will admit it or not) I still have mine and it is great for camping and other travel needs. I have had some great smokes from it. Does it have strengths and weaknesses? Of course! Name any unit which doesn't.

You have come to the right forum. From the administrator to the mods and the members, I have never seen a better forum. These guys know their stuff, and they are so very willing to help. Consider their advice carefully. They are the best!
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I agree everyone here is GREAT never knew there was so much info on smoking meat. Done a lot of reading but need to hook up with someone for a little hands on view or just more practice and reading. Also there is a range of people here as well from the noob like me to the people with the big pull behinds that go to contest. And everyone helps out someone if they can. And maybe someday there will be smell pictures because a lot of the pictures look good but wish I could smell them also.
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40-50 for an ECB and 60 bucks for the conversion - a GOSM is about 100 bucks at WalMart - much bigger and all done for you.

Bottomline - anything will work - what works best for you.

Happy Smoking, Brad
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GOSM is it gas if so walmart in FD doesn't carry it just an elec or charcoal box kind of smoker. Now menards has a gas one preaty heavy for 149.99.
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Hey fordman. Wal-Mart had the gas GOSM yesterday when I was in there. THink it was $99. It was right next to the Royal Oak electric smoker, way back in the corner of the garden center.
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this may be out of stock now - check, but they will have them in the spring.
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That's the one they had all set up.
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FYI - I don't think there's a GOSM owner who would say this isn't a deal of a smoker.

The "natural' progression seems to be ECB, then GOSM, then a big boy toy, then go back to a retro, old school refrigerator make over. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gifPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Not sure how I missed seeing you join up here fordman. Did you ever go up to roll call? If not that would be why. You should go up and introduce yourself. We have a ton of Iowans on here to welcome you.
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Rule #1 make sure your temp gauge works befor you start smoking. Thanks to daboys figured out batteries in base unit weren't making contact. Bent tabs a little now have the green power light. So this will be my back up since I just got done ordering a ET73 for 39.82 off amazon.
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Well, one thing you will learn is you can never have enough thermos. I have six that I use when I have both smokers going. It's just nice to have backups just in case batteries go dead. Cause you know, you can never find the new batteries when you need them.
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On the boiling water it is when the water is at a rolling boil correct. If so it is 2 degrees cold but I can live with that.
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mine were off 2-3 also Water boils at diff temps at diff altitudes. So your good to go
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How much charcoal you using? I've been runnin an unmodded ECB and never have those problems it may be the charcoal amounts.I learned early on always use too much charcoal even for a short smoke.I cooked thighs last weekend with a rounded pan at noon still a little hot the next morning.The gauge on the unit is consistent just use an oven gauge to check it like they said then you will know for sure.
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