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Posting at 70 MPH! Bro Marktee got a wireles high speed setup...pretty fast too. Not as fast as my cable hardwire connection...wait...I'm going 70! IT IS faster kinda sorta..heh.
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Youre not drivin are you?
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Man I hope you aint the driver lol
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That's pretty cool, it's pretty crazy as how much computer tech has come in less than 10 years. I remember the commercail from the early 90's when they showed a guy getting a paper fax on the beach, and the tag line was, "it will be a reality soon". We all laughed and said that will never happen. LOL
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I remember when there were'nt even any calculators! Oops, telling my age here!
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Richtee, you're just a blurrrr! lol
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wish I could get something like that
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no kidding
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Verizon up here... I guess At&T has something too tho. Seemed to work pretty well.
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I think you can WC... Mark's works in Attica...fairly well he says.
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The hot thing in High school, was the IBM electric typewriter we had 2 to each classroom and the rest were manual typerwriters,,,you had to type 35 words a get the privalage to type on a electric...the only way to find one today is in a dump or a museum...LOL that was times do change....
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No offense, but 35 wpm is pretty slow.
I remember when calculators doing adding, subtracting, multiplication and division were REAL spendy. Now you get em free.
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35 wpm is called speed typing for me!!!
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