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1st smoke 8-15/16-08 (Q-view)

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Had some family up camping the weekend of the 15th-17th, so BIL and I decided to finally try out my new ECB. I have to say, without the mods, I'm not sure how much I'd like this unit. Here are a couple of pics of the mods.

Damper from rotting Weber Smokey Joe and $15 thermometer:

Leg/fire pan mods (reversed legs & mounted aerated pan to base):

Here's my first attempt. 8lb. butt, brushed with mustard and Jeff's rib rub. It turned out much better than I had hoped. Smoke went well, temperature was fairly easy to keep tabs on, had time to relax/shoot the breeze with BIL and the ice cold Schell's beers (brewed in my hometown of New Ulm, MN) went down easy.wink.gif

Day 2. Two whole pheasants, same rub (with a bit more brown sugar) and minus the mustard. They turned out great as well.

We're having my daughter's sixth birthday party tomorrow -- so we'll be firing it up about 5:30AM for lunch.

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That looks good willy. I like the looks of those pheasants!
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that is a huge chunk of meat. must have took awhile to bring to temp.
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Looking good Willy. Nice to see you r pheasants cleaned that way. We only breast out. Shame on us. Nice job.
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Nice job. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job...Bet the pheasant was outstanding!
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First try tomorrow

Congrats on the success. I'm so glad I found this forum. The info and support is outstanding. Tomorrow I'm going to try my hand at pulled pork for the first time and I know I stand a much better chance at first time success thanks to everyone here. Once again good job and congrats.
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sorry all posted in the wrong threadicon_rolleyes.gif
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Thanks for the comments, folks. The butt was in the smoker about 8 1/2 hrs -- but some of that was me getting to know the smoker, etc. The butt was very good. But, the pheasants were hands down the best bird I've ever eaten! And don't worry WaysideRanch, we don't clean all of ours that way either -- just happened to have a couple that were. I can't recommend this method enough for the birds. Easy prep, just under three hours @ 240-260 degrees and melt in your mouth delicious. BIL was a little peeved when his three daughters all announced that the butt was the best "grilled" food they've ever had! wink.gif

BTW, I picked up two ~4lb. pork loin roasts for mouth is already watering. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for the comments.

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Great job man! Keep it up!
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Looks great! I hae only ever had phesant once, and that was enough for me, but im not sure of the credentials of the dude that cooked it, those make me want to smoke one just to see if my mind can be changed. The butt looks great. Congrats on a successfull 1st smoke. Oh yeah...points! cool.gif
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Very nice and great job! I hope you enjoy your new smoker. G'luck on the loins and I am sure they will turn out great.
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S365, if your opinion of pheasant is what you say it is, the dude's credentials were definitely in question! icon_razz.gif Pheasant has always been one of my favorite meats -- but doing them in the smoker, took them to another level. Try one this way and I'm confident your mind will be changed.

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