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I'm back!

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after a 16 day bout of a mix of what appears to e. coli and stomach flu.

the doctor was amazed I walked into the office under my own power, was shocked when I told him that I'd had it for over a week, and I couldn't take antibiotics because I have an autoimmune disorder.

this is what I get for eating fast food.

but i'm better now.

I've been a mite busy with going back to classes, so my time here's kinda limited, as is my burning wood and creating tbs, but I'll do what I can when I can.
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Glad your back. Stay away from the fast food.

Fast food should be when you only had the smoker going for 5 hours instead of 12.
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WB we don't eat out much.
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Welcome back and glad you are ok.
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Glad your feeling better. We very seldom eat fast food. In fact, we very seldom eat out. Now you know why!PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Yeesh... nasty stuff that. Good to hear of the recovery tho!
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yeah, I usually know better, but I was out, nowhere near any kind of cooking area that anyone'd let me use, only had a couple dollars, and stupidly didn't carry any jerky, pemmican, dried sausage or biltong with me. (I think i was sick to start with, out, and without rations? not like me at all)

next time that happens, I'll just stop at a grocery and see what I can dig up there. even tinned potted meat would be preferable to being stuck sick for half a month.
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