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1st Smoke on the Lang (Qview Intense)

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Ok so after I got it cleaned up yesterday it was time to smoke
6 Butts, 2 Briskets, 15 Chicken Quarters, 5 large Baked Taters and for extra measure I fried up the GSOM with apple chips and did Venison Backstraps and Chicken Breasts.
The start

Spritz after 2.5 hours and Chicken Quarters in Potatos in

During another spritz

More to come
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GOSM loaded up

Butts ready for foil

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Jerry - you've hit the nail on the head with how to fill up a new Lang on its inaugural smoke! Way to LOAD that sucker up!!!! I can't wait to see that thing in person tomorrow!!!

Excellent looking smoke, my friend!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Backstraps off GOSM

Chicken Quaters of the Lang

Briskets ready for foil

More to come
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my god! were ya just thrilled to fire her up or were ya smokeing for a crowd? whole lotta cookin going on there..
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Awesome Job!

Awesome Job! looks great! You make it look easy, my friend!!

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Chicken Breasts of the GOSM rubbed with Jeff's

May be tomorrow before the rest of the Qview
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start that Lang with a BAng!!!!

so who is going to eat all that? let me know if you need help.

I want a lang so bad, but the wifey wont let me put a hitch on the Nissan.
I don't even think the ol' girl can tow one,(the car, I mean) but it would make a sure funny picture.

Great Job!!!!
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I thought about just smoking one fatty but then I remembered people like a full smoker biggrin.gif
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Your not gonna test drive a new car just to go the the end of the block, so you can't fire up the lang for a couple of chicken wings. Way to load that bad boy up!!
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Way to filler up!!biggrin.gif Very nice! Someday....maybe someday, I'll attempt to try that much Q. LOL - be eaten for months!!!!
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Nice smoke Jerry-gonna have fun with that thing
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YEEE HAAAA!!!! Way to get after it old timer. ;) Guess you gotta fill that big ol freezer with something. :) Everything looks great. Gotta find a plane ticket and I'll be right there.
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Sweet what a load....that looks good enough to eat man...lol anouther good job jerry.
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Nice smoke jerry, filled er up good. Looked like a cake walk. Lookin forward to the rest of the pics along with the party tomm.
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Hey Jerry, as the young kids are sayin these days "that smoke is off the chain". Awesome. Ain't nobody got nothing on you there. Happy smokes ahead.
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Great lookin viddles man. Glad to see her fired up.
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Looks great!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I just love pictures of loaded up Langs.

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Kinda like food P O R N!

Piney, my brutha, ya got it goin on big time. That food looks spectacular. I just love to see some scored butts, and a full 84 is like a centerfold. Dude, you rock!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks like you are a busy man filling up that new toy icon_smile.gif. Great smoke you have going Jerry PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif.
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