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Hello from Pittsburgh

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Got a Charbroil H2O electric smoker and have not gotten good results. The temperature never gets above 200 and the meat never gets above 140. I end up having to but the meat in the oven for several hours to get to a safe temp. Called Charbroil several times and they have been no help. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions welcome
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Hey Earlk, try a heavier cord. I use 10 ga. Probably to big but its gotten 300 deg. Temp. ga. on the H2O isn't the best out there. Get an upgraded temp. ga.
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Welcome to the SMF, plenty of good help will be on it's way soon.
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What he said.^
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Welcome to SMF and as the others said, someone will be along shortly to help you out with your heat problem.
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Yunz found the right place n'at.

from a fellow offspring of the burgh to another; WELCOME ABOARD.
All issues and problems will soon be gone like smoke rising away.

check out the fattie section, pittsburger mana.

have a good time, great people here from allover the world.
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A warm welcome to SMF Earlk! You've come to the right place with your question, hopefully some helpful advice will be passed your way.

I grew up in Pittsburgh and spent my first 16 years there then moved to FL in 1990 where I've been ever since. Pittsburgh is still "home" to me and I'm a die-hard fan of all 'burgh sports!!

Once you get the Charbroil working, throw some chipped ham on there and smoke that! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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welcome aboard!.
joe here from virginia beach but grew up in pittsburgh my whole life. all my family still there. lived in the south side area. Sorry cant help with the smoker question but GO STEELERS or should I say (STILLIRS)icon_smile.gif

have a IC light for me.
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Howdy earlk,
My last smoker was a Charbroil H2O electric. I bought it used off Craigslist. After a couple smokes the thermostat burned up and melted. Keep an eye on that, it may be causing your temp problems. Not to mention a fire hazard. I had mine plugged into a garage outlet and could not have a fan and stereo on without throwing a breaker. That was my first indication of a problem. Good luck.
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