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Hurricane party smoke comin up sunday

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This will be my biggest smoke to date guys. Will post pics when over.
6 slabs. 1 fattie, 2 5lb briskets, 1 9 lb butt. Beans. Other sides by the party goers. Cant stop Gustoffme so might as well party.
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Do you have a tarp? lol
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Not sure what we will do this weekend, Went looking for water and gas cans to for more generator gas, pretty much sold out here already, people are worried for sure, But I did stock up on beer.LOl

I hope this one not as bad as Katrina was. who knows?
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hehehe, or do ya have an Ark?

Hope ya have a good time and stay safe. Lookin forward to some of the pics. Make sure ya chain down the lang.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Ya'll have a great party but keep your eye on that hurricane and stay safe. Of course don't forget the Qview biggrin.gif
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good luck to you Rick. I wish this dang thing didn't have to hit anybody. Stay safe.
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You all stay safe out there! we will be baking out here........its to hot to be shaking!
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Well you know how to lay it down Bro.
Just make sure you're safe, but DO have fun!
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Man, where is the party? lol. I go to school in New Orleans, and I got out of there yesterday. I am trying to figure out what to smoke this weekend now.
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Be safe

Rick - good luck on your big smoke!! Sounds like a bunch of good grub is being made to get you through whatever Gustav throws at you. Be safe and stay dry.
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stay safe rick but party and smoke hardy if mother nature allows.
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Batten down the hatches! At least you will have plenty of good food to tie you over. Keep us posted on the Q and the storm if it comes your way.
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What is it...

What is it with you boys down in the hurricane zone?? Hurricane coming fire up the smoker!! LOL!! If I was there I'd be right there with ya!! You all stay safe and have some fun!!!
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Rick, stay safe and keep your wood dry!
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PM me and I will tell you where the party is!
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Vince. Just outsid Dehnam towards Watson. PM me if you need anything. Will share what we can afford or come to the party. PM and i will tell you where.
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You don't mention beer. You will need surplus beer in case high water hits. Be prepared.
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When Katrina hit, I used my grill 3 times a day. This hurricane, the smoker will be fired up. As a matter of fact, I already got with my neighbor to work out a menu, lol! I hope to God this thing doesn't come here .....but if it does we'll just "grin and smoke it". Good luck to whomever else is in Gustov's path!
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