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Finally got Playtime (Qview Intense)

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Finally got the Lang pressure washed fired up and re-seasoned. Got it holding at 220* fairly well then put in more splits and got it to 400* left it there for an hour then closed the intakes and letting her cool back down.

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It was nasty but much cleaner now

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musta been "pitchin a tent the whole time"!eek.gif

Make sure ya get some hightemp, stove black paint for it before she starts to rust. Gotta get after mine with a spray can and wire brush tomorrow. Looks good Piney. Happy for ya big time!icon_smile.gif
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Now it's time to throw some meat in there.
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Better yet, rub the whole thing down with Crisco or the like...
Never have rust again and won't have to repaint every year.
Gives it a finish like seasoned cast iron! biggrin.gif
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is the crisco for the smoker or the pitched tent.

I know what I'm thinkin......

that's a sexxy smoker!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Your going to have a sterilized spot of ground underneath the firebox.

Nice looking smoker!
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Jerry, that is so awesome. Love it.
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LOL, yes you will, and don't use it in an asphalt driveway!

I got them little burnt squares all over my lawn.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Dan painting is on the agenda. I had more free time when I worked than I do now it seems but I know I have to get it done. Crisco may work on the outside but it sure wouldn't be as pretty biggrin.gif so I'll just keep painting when I get it done the first time. I tried using up the wood he had left in the carrier but I will pick up some better splits from my dad's house. I brought back a little hickory when I went to camp the other day for flavor.
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yeah jerry, i was going to say, that lang needs some TLC it looks like.....
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nice piney!!!! you are going to enjoy it and i have a hunch you are going to put it to good use. a lil paint on there and she will be a good lookin unit!!!
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Glad ya finally got that Lang chuggin Jerry! Gonna make Saturday your maiden voyage?
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I wonder how LineX or some coating like that would work?
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at 1200-1500 degrees, I don't think it would be pretty!icon_smile.gif
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Lookin good jerry, I'd go fer a nice coat a "Grabber Orange"!
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Isn't she a beaut!! I am glad you finally got her fired up!!
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