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By way of introduction, I am an old Kentucky hillbilly who is in need of some knowledge on how to...... I have only smoked once and did not inhale (much smoke) from a new Masterbuilt 40 inch electric smoker just purchased from Sam's Club. I know almost nothing about how to turn out a tasty, smoked meat. Yesterday I tried to "cook" about 4 lbs of pork ribs and a beef butt in the above unit. After 5 to 7 hrs at 225 degrees, the unit seemed to do all the limited instructions in the manual predicted, and the meat was edible but nothing more. I used the hickory chips, and rubbed the meat as instructed before cooking. My conclusion is operator error. PS: I have read some of the threads in reference to the process herein and am in a slow learning curve. Would appreciate your expertise/ feedback. Thanks for the opportunity presented by all and hope I have not been too wordy in my first posting.
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Welcome to the forum-I am sure there are some Masterbuilt users that will come along soon and can help
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Welcome to the SMF my friend. Plenty of members who own a MES and they should be able to help you soon.
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Where in Ky ? I'm from Louisville , now in Nashville. Welcome to SMF . i would suggest Jeff's 5 day course , it will answer a lot of questions for you.
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Welcome hillbilly, keep the temp low 200 to 250 an smoke thin and blue. More later.You found the right site.
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Welcome to the forum ... & Don't forget to mop. Gotta keep everything moist.
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Welcome Hillbilly. Keep trying. Each smoke gets better. Experience is what ur after.
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Welcome. I have a MES. As far as the ribs, Did you foil them to braise them? I usually run mine at 230-235 temp wise. My first Butt came out dry also; go figure. Keep workin at it!
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I answered your PM and waiting to help you. You will be up and running at full speed after getting more details.
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welcome hillbilly, you gonna get the hang of it in no time now that u found SMF.
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Welcome to the Brood! Lotsa good folks who take pride in helping others make tasty foods. You will be turning out good Q in no time.

The 5 day course is a great start, and there is literally days worth of reading on these forums.
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Greetings hillbilly!
There is lots of info with in this smoke!
Happy smokes
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you aint no hillbilly,with corekt spellin and sentance strutcher. we can spot a imposter a mile away. welcome to ya.
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