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Chorizo Help Please

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I would like to make chorizo, but have a couple of questions.

First, I went on the sausagemakers website, and they have it there but it says it is a fresh sausage. It says that I don't need instacure#1, or soy protien concentrate. i would like to smoke this for flavor but dont know if I should seeing I'm not using any of these things.

Second...I went on PS Seasonings website and they have it also, I see theirs comes with the maple cure. I personally feel I can get "more bang for the buck" if I use the sausage Makers seasonings, so what do I do?
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Maple in chorizo? Ugh!

Per Kutas' third edition...dry chorizo 10 Lbs:
Pork butt
1 cup white Vinegar
4Tb Spanish paprika
3Tb ground cayanne
3 Tb ground garlic
3 Tb Oregano
2 ts CBP
2 ts Instacure #2
3Tb corn syrup solids
1.5 cups Fermento
1 C ice water
Cure overnight well packed in fridge.

Your choice.

Maple??? UGH!

Rytek Kutas 3rd edition is an invaluable resource to have... check it out.
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As usaul, Richtee to the rescue.
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The maple flavoring would be in most case I have seen an additional packet of flavoring that you can use or not, as Richtee stated Maple Uck!!!
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What's Fermento?
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Right out of the book, Rytec's book that is.
Double click on the photo.

Hope this helps.
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Are you planning on making dried chorizo as in Spanish chorizo or fresh as in mexican chorizo like they use in mexican and tex-mex cooking? The recipe blend you use depends heavily on that question.

I've also found sausagemaker to be a little expensive for many of the basic ingreidents. Usually i buy from as they are considerably cheaper than almost everyone and most of the time carry more than other places too.
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He had PM'd me about smoking the fresh stuff. I of course said you have to use the cured recipe, unless you plan on cooking it on the smoker, within a few hours.

Unless I'm freezing right after stuffing, whether cased or not, I cure my sausage meat.
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