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Pork Loin and Ribs Help

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I picked up a 3.4# pork loin last week and have it frozen for Labor Day. I want to smoke this along with two or three racks of ribs. I have done ribs numerous times, but never a pork loin. Does anyone have any good smoking techniques for a pork loin or recipes they can share? Also, will all the different meat matter for timing in the smoker or will they all smoke their normal times? How long do you smoke the pork loin? Sorry, I know a lot of questions, but as always all help is appreciated.
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Thanks for the quick response.

What about smoking the racks of ribs along with the loin in the smoker as well? Will the times be any different if it were just the ribs?
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Thanks Ken
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Brine the loin in salt, molasses (or sugar) and your rub/spices of choice. The last one I did I brined for about 12 hours, I think. Rub and smoke at 225* to 250* til internal reaches 145*. Wrap and rest for awhile. I'll be juicy and delicious.

The brine isn't essential as long as you don't overcook it, but I like the flavor.
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I am definitely one for brining.
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I agree with GG. Just make sure and don't overcook the loin. Last one I did ended up a tad dry.
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I would say more like 150ยบ internal tops on the Pork Loin, then wrap in foil for an hour. I still like alittle pink in my pork and loins have a problem with drying out if you cook them for too long.
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You can also check out my Smoked Porkloin with Mahogany glaze,

or there is my Sausage stuffed Porkloin,
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Absolutely...and there doesn't seem to be a happy medium. The I discovered "medium" pork was one of the happiest days of my life!

I like the carryover to take me to the 150*. Though when I have guests I don't tell them what it was cooked to...most get scared if they know it has a little pink...but they never complain after they eat it!
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