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[quote=bbq bubba;256273]Stop in and say hello anytime except between 11 and 1 on Saturday. You may get run over during turn in times....icon_rolleyes.gif
Theres always a beer for visitors![/quote]

Cool....all of us will be sure to stop by for a cold one....biggrin.gif

BTW....Jeff Clark(the organizer) is still looking for some judges, preferably CBJ's (Certified BBQ Judges) if anyone is interested in judging give him a call or e-mail him at:

Jeff Clark
Phone: 231-873-5257;
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Everyone and All are invited to Rubbed Smoked & Sauced at 100pm! Everyone and All are invited to the Smokin Scotsmen after 130pm!!

(130pm is the last turn in)eek.gif
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Smartazz. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Good Luck to Ya'll!
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Hope you are all blessed with great weather and a fine smoke!wink.gif
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Where the &%^#$@ are you gonna Be..... Huh Buckoo confused.gifPDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Oh , I'll be stuffin wood into the Lang again, but I can't afford to come out and play. Going for the sure thing, got gigs for the next 3 weekends. Maybe next year!wink.gif
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Thanks to all for the invites. I'm trying to make plans now for accommodations. I've got in-laws about an hour away from the Dunes.
Anyway, I was thinking about coming out Friday evening for a look behind the scenes. Will there be anything to see, or is this not recommended?
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Maybe some meat prep, otherwise just relaxing as cooking don't start until midnight or so.
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you can help bubba boil some ribs for the next mornin!eek.gif
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oh, oh...sounds like I started somethin'.
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Friday there is a backyard comp.

It is a tourist town you could always rent a Dune buggy or jeep & take a ride on the dunes, go to Craigs Cruisers of a go cart ride or play mini-golf. Team also will be arriving & cooking all night. A great time to come & meet members of the SMF or other KCBS & GLBBQ

Saturday is the big day. Car show, Applefest, KCBS Comp, Art Fair, etc.
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check out

Things to do.

Hotels, Motels, Resorts.
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Thanks John. I'll be staying at the in-laws family farm in Hesperia...I guess it's about a half hour away. I'll have my wife and 7 month old boy with me so my intent is to drop them off Friday evening, head to the competition site and maybe meet some people for a couple of hours. Then Saturday morning early,come back and lurk in the shadows to watch the BBQ drama unfold...and drink beer.

Maybe I'll even bring some of my hard cider.
After all, it is Applefest, right?
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I will be there Saturday with my judges hat on
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Anybody need anything from my store, let me know. (free delivery mod) biggrin.gif
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Last chance, i'm hittin the road.....
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yer probably already there, so I am right behind ya.

The rest of you SMF smoke jockeys have a great weekend, I'll be back in time for the Ohio state buttkickin handed down by USC!icon_smile.gif
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