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Brisket Burritos

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Girls left me home alone tonight.
Had a craving for some refried beans.
Found some brisket in the fridge, diced it up and added to the beans, along with some onion, jalapeno, cheese and enchilada sauce.
I think i'll be sleeping alone tonight too......

By imn88fan
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Looks good bubba. I am trying dutches smoked beef enchiladas this friday seeins I still have 5 packs of pulled smoked brisket in the freezer. The kids are coming out for a visit and I have been wanting to try them. Burritos next week............... Thanks
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Bubba. Looks good... Where did you buy that? Taco Bell????
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If only Taco Bell sold something that good!
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Geez Bubba, you just struck a main artery. I had dinner, and now you come up with this...
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yumm-they look great-taco bell Ya right
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Telll me you didn't microwave those things...

Nothing like a rubber tortilla shell and greasy cheese.

I am a stickler about that kind of stuff. I am not a fan of cooking and or reheating most things in the microwave.

None the less, it looks good and I bet you enjoyed it.
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Bubba looks muy autentico..except one thing maybe? I could not tell from the pic..did you warm the tortillas up 1st..ie: lay them on the grill over the coals to brown em a little. we stick em over the flame on the gas stove to warm em..some like to warm them extra long whereas the edges parts get a little burnt as the flavor is good.
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Those look EXCELLENT!
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yeah i was going to say, them look like dutchs..........good job bubba
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Right on Bubba.
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Looks like an awesome meal!!
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Heck all ya need now is a corona and lime wink.gif
Looks great!
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What?? Are you kidding me???
You've never put a plate in the oven before? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Thanks Dude!
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Nice burritos BB. I had to look twice.
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BB! ! ! !

wayside brought this thread to the front....and i just HAD to go look at them beuts again..........i may have given dutch TOO much credit........LOLOLOL.....them look even BETTER..............( just kidding him along Dutch......wink wink, nudge nudge)

gotta do a brisket.......so i can do these again...........
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I missed these the first time. Man they do look good. I can smell them (the burritos that is) from here.
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Nice job bubba, kinda made me hungry.
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looks good, rather great... good excuse for bigger brisky. got to try some of those!!!
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Very Nice...see...you CAN be trusted to be home alone!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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