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Tonights T-Bone w/qview

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bout 340 nice smoky crust, well done at about 172 nice smoke ring, potatos werent ready so we ate it up ... bread= Hardroll with butter, a generous sprinkling of a garlic-parmesean mixed spice and good ol cheese on top

Pretty basic but not to shabby, thx to dutch for the hot smoke idea worked out very good. I have the feeling im the only one here that like a moderatly high internal tempature lol

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Div, that looks great!!
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My idea of a perfectly cooked T-Bone.....500 deg grill....20 sec each side and put er on the plate! Mooooooo
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Div it does look great tho. Love the corn and taters with a steak
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nice job-what u think of the corn div?
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Just took the silk off and slapped em in there, didnt have time to soak em for two hour but I saved that link and will use it in the future.
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Nice smoke, thanks for the Q View too!
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Nice job. Just slow down with the hunk on the fork on the way to yer blurred a bit LOL!
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Wow, thats definetly a dead piece of cow.........
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