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hello from colorado

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new to the REAL Q a diesel tech by trade.welding and fabricating is a hobby. ive been reading posts and viewing pics for quite some time. i just started a build with a 250 gallon propane tank. have lots of pics so far but being new it might take me a while to figure all this out(how to post pics) any help would be appreciated.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif i look forward to chatting with all of you.
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Welcome to SMF! Lots of help in these forums.

For posting pics:

Can't wait to see your build! I wish I had some welding skills, so I wouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg for a good smoker.
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Hia Uncle! Welcome to SMF. Best thing I have found for posting is a pict hosting site. Enjoy your time and your builds!
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thanks for the warm welcome

thanks again! i'll research the image hosting sites and hopefully be able to add some photos soon.
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Welcome to the SMF, plenty of friendly folks here who are willing to help you out.
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Welcome. Can't wait to see your pics as you build this beast. Enjoy the site!
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Welcome to SMF. We need more Coloradans to compete with Iowa!biggrin.gif
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Welcome Uncle Beef. It took me forever to figure out the q-view pics myself. If you need help send me a private message and i will do my best to help out.
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testing photo post

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more photos coming tommorrow

im not quite sure how i did it. but ill try again to see if i get lucky.that's a pic of burning off the last of the propane in the tank.thanks to all that helped with photo posting info.
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Welcome aboard......Can't wait to see the pics of your unit...........
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I like the ground... no waste after completed cut LOL! Nice!
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welcome, unclebeef!

where in colorado? i've got family in canon city and other points around the state (salida, buena vista, pueblo etc).
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i was born in denver but i biggrin.gif have lived in colorado springs my whole lifebiggrin.gif
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i'm trying


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Greetings uncle beef!
Happy smokes!
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new pics

stripping paint off tank yuk!

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more pics

trailer pics

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