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Fisrt smoke in this smoker

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Here is the first smoke in the smoker I built for my bro in law. The guy has no idea what he is missing, cause he still hasn't pick it up.
Here is some pics of the chicken breasts, the quarters didn't make it into the pictures, sorry.

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Look like a winner andy. Chicken looks great...........
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Nice looking Chix Breast...looks like a nice smoker also..Is that an outhouse in the background of one of the pics?
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Dennis, it is the "Outhouse" it's my cold smoke house for sausage and bacon. will try hams this year in there.
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I'd say smack yer sister...cause her hubby just won't get it. Aww.. I'm just grumpy I guess ;{)
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That's pretty cool...I luv some smoked chicken.
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Congrats on the Q, good smoke Andy.
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looks like some great chicken. Love it!
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The smoker and the chix look great! Must be one heck of a brother in law, you must be that is.
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Andy, that looks wonderful!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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nice job on the smoker....hey the chix looks fabulous, the skin looks looks yum yum yummy..
This is my problem with the smoked chix...the skin....argh...
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